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Meet popular YouTube star Simon Yalaza, whose life is full of interesting anecdotes and events


An accidental YouTube star, yes, you heard it right, that’s what Simon’s story is all about.

Today’s popular YouTube star’s foray into the online world was unplanned and happened by chance. Who knew that a pass time of recording a video of himself and uploading it on social media would get him to this place. The video garnered many likes and views and that made Simon jump into the business of creating videos, via social media platform – YouTube.

People have seen this popular star many times on his YouTube channel, but many don’t know the real him, the story behind the man who keeps his audience in splits with his online antics. Where does he come from? How did he enter this field? What did he do before he became an online sensation? There are many untold stories about this star which people want to know. Let’s take a sneak peek at the story of this YouTube talent who has swept the netizens off their feet.

32 year old Simon hails from Hechingen, Germany and as a child had been hugely influenced by his father, who he looked up to immensely. His sister and his pet dog were his constant companions and he was extremely close to his mother as a kid. “The person whom I admire the most is my father, because he is one person who has always lived an honest life, and was always a step ahead in making others happy”, says Simon. His growing up years were full of fun while at school, with music being his favourite subject. He loved playing soccer and most of the times one could find him on the ground, if not doing something else. Apart from sports, what he loved the most was to laugh and make others laugh. He was all the more known to amuse people with his madness, which kept everyone in good spirits, and he utilized these finer traits of him wisely when he forayed into the online world.

From the beginning he had been following the comedy genre be it films or otherwise, and he always dreamt of seeing himself on the silver screen, as he was extremely fascinated by movies. His acting skills were much appreciated by people around him, who also encouraged him to follow this field and make it his profession going ahead in life. This constant push to try something related to facing the camera instilled the idea of creating videos, and the rest as they say, is history.

His father funded him initially which kick-started his venture three years back, and today he has become one of the most popular YouTubers whose viewers have grown manifold with time. Simon has won a million hearts and his videos are as popular as him, making him one of the biggest undisputed kings of YouTube.

Catch him on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCicR63tvfk9Yiwj4SjVnqBw

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