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Meet Michael Brian, creating his legacy across America with his passion and love for music


Michael Brian serves as one of the topnotch names in the American music scene and has garnered massive success for all his songs.

The more we look around us, the more we would find people who are completely drenched in love with what they do and go ahead in inspiring many others as well, wanting to make it huge in those industries. Talking about the industry of music, we know the kind of talent that is born each day and the unique music and tracks people create in their quest to be different from others. The US is considered the breeding ground of such artists, who make a unique name for themselves in the vast music field. One name that tops this list currently is Michael Brian, who serves as one of the leading Record Executives, Musicians and Producers.

Music was something that gave Michael Brian his peace and made him realize his true potential, which allowed the youngster to listen to what his heart sought and make efforts that could turn him into a highly skilled artist and musician. Michael Brian started very early in his life when he was all of only 16 years of age. It was then that he dropped out of high school and signed a record label.

Within two years of his career, the talented youngster was already making music and living alone in his NYC apartment. Through years of learning, exploring newer techniques in music and working according to the changing trends of the music industry, the teenager who once started by producing beats turned into a high-performing musician, record executive, executive producer and a powerful name in the American music scene.

Today at 31, Michael Brian has been making a lot of buzz around the music he creates and his work as a producer and entrepreneur as he owns and operates one of the biggest independent recording studios in LA.

This recording studio has to its credit a long list of massive hit records, which includes artists like Travis Scott, Gunna, Chris Brown, Young Thug and so many others. This has allowed Michael Brian to turn into an entrepreneur. He has divided the space, one for the recording studio and the other 24/7 hospitality center, to give his artists the freedom and space to create, work, and vibe through their music and work.

What’s different and interesting about this talented man is that he believes in collaborating with people and providing opportunities to everyone associated with him to play the beats, network more and work towards providing value to each other.

Indeed, Michael Brian stands true to his passion and love for music and with a progressive mindset and his expertise in creating great music, he has brought together people through the power of music. He aims to achieve much more with his talent and create a unique name for himself in the coming years.

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