Clinical Research Is For Passionate Individuals From Medical Field,” Says Expert Dr. Mangesh Khadakban

The Indian medical sector is full of opportunities but not everyone wants to become a practicing doctor, there are some other areas of expertise which may sound more challenging to those who want to do something different in their lives. Clinical research is one such branch of healthcare science in which individuals with strong medical background are needed and if we talk about its future in India, it is certainly very bright in view of the fact that there are ample jobs coming up in this field.

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is all about improving lives of people by coming up with treatments of those severe diseases which had no cure earlier. It includes clinical trials of new drugs and medicines, diagnostic products, devices, etc. in order to find out whether they are safe and effective for humans or not.

One thing that is a very important part of the clinical research is documentation. Each and every thing that has happened in the process of the clinical research should be documented properly otherwise the whole research will go in vain. Every company involved in the clinical research should maintain data records of the trials undertaken by them and they should have their own standard processes of not only preparing and recording but also making corrections in the data whenever needed.

Why should you choose clinical research as your career?

If you are a little confused as to why you should make a career in clinical research, let us help you a little:

A challenging job: If you have a curious mind and you are looking for challenges in your career, this field is certainly for you. A lot of responsibility will also weigh on you as you need to ensure that the medicines, devices, diagnostic products, etc. are safe for use by public and there are no harmful effects.

Touching the lives of common people: You will change the lives of many people as you will be involved in the process of finding about the cause of a disease, how it affects a patient and looking for effective treatment for the diseases. In simple words, your efforts may help in bringing an end to the miseries of a person by finding out the correct treatment of their disease.

Respect in society: The clinical researchers are respected a lot in society and the manner in which vaccine for COVID-19 was rolled out in such a short period has further enhanced their image in public.

Let us now introduce you to a clinical research expert who has a good amount of experience in this field:

Dr. Mangesh Khadakban is a clinical trial expert who has an experience of 12 years in the global clinical research industry and in his words, clinical research is for those “who have a passion for leaving their footprints in research as well as seeing the impact their efforts make to humankind.”

Dr. Mangesh says if it is not documented, it didn’t happen:

Dr. Mangesh Khadakban also lays emphasis on the documentation as he is of the opinion that if documentation is not done, it means the clinical research has not happened.

Dr. Mangesh Khadakban has specialization in five areas – Pre-Clinical, Clinical Research, Medical and Scientific Writing, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. He is proud of himself for the highest level of competence, experience and personal attention that he has given in the clinical development projects and regulatory areas. Dr. Khadakban has a very successful track record of dealing in clinical operations, medical writing, regulatory areas and pharmacovigilance and he is also highly skilled in fiscal management, business development and people management. He is a success-driven professional who has an experience of leading big teams of clinical operations with members from different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, he has also recruited, trained and led high performing teams for which regulatory compliance, high commercial orientation and strong customer focus were the highest priority.

Dr. Mangesh Khadakban firmly believes that with his experience and expertise, he will be able to build knowledge which will add value to the services.

We certainly need more professionals like Dr. Mangesh Khadakban who are determined to bring a change in the lives of public with their work.


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