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Mata to Manchester United: Perfect for all?


By-Yash Sood

Juan Mata’s transfer to Manchester United has surprised many as the Spaniard was one of Chelsea’s best players in recent seasons (Accidentally Player of the season for Chelsea for the last 2 seasons.) However, a number of reasons have made the 25-year-old’s life miserable at Stamford Bridge and thus, a move to Old Trafford gives a welcome opportunity to the Spaniard. Buying Mata makes perfect sense for Manchester United. They are a team that appears bereft of inspiration and ideas and a player of his stature will surely give a boost to everyone who is related to the club. But why did Chelsea let a player of his caliber go? And that to a rival? If we look at the possible reasons behind it, we might just say that this deal seems perfect for all the parties involved.

Chelsea is always seen as a club who likes to spend a lot. They have the knack of signing marquee players such as Oscar, Hazard and Torres among others. But this extraneous spending is problematic in the era of Financial Fair Play regulations and thus Mata’s transfer comes as a timely arrangement. Mata was set to play a starring role in the Mourinho revolution. But the only problem that has stopped that from happening is the flair and freedom that Mata plays with on the football pitch, which could break the mentality of the teams under Mourinho. Wanting to remain the top dog, Mourinho decided that Mata’s departure would eventually help him in getting a firm hold of the reins at Stamford Bridge.

But the most significant reason that has been pointed out by many tabloids is that Chelsea has already played against Man United twice but their title rivals, Man City and Arsenal have to play United a second time in the coming months. And Mata, being a steadfast Chelsea supporter will play his heart out when these games do take place and may just be the difference between Chelsea winning this year’s Premier League title or finishing 2nd or 3rd. And now, that the lines of communication between Chelsea and United have finally opened, we might see a summer pursuit of Wayne Rooney who may not be altogether pleased at United. Rooney to Chelsea (possibly) and Mata to United might have sounded preposterous last January, but this season or the next it might actually happen!





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