Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 3: Mast Culture, committed to providing a platform to budding artists and has already taken giant steps in this direction, aims to become a thriving community of one million participants in 2023.

Mast Culture was established in 2022 by Boozing Brand Media Pvt Ltd. to provide aspiring singers, dancers, poets, writers, and other artists with a one-of-a-kind platform to enhance their knowledge and skills and turn their passion into a career. In less than a year, Mast Culture has grown into a group of professionals, subject matter experts, and academic validators.

“Our focus is on building the best and fastest-growing community. In our first year, we featured more than 1,000 talented individuals in our communities. We have successfully created five communities with a membership of over 50,000. The work for building 16 more communities is progressing well and will be a reality soon. We are confident of realising our goal of building a community of more than 1 million individuals in 2023,” said Akash Mahadev Rao, Founder of Boozing Brand Media.

Mast Culture recently organised the maiden season of two competitions – Poetry & Story Writing and Arts & Painting. Both matches received an overwhelming response from the artist fraternity, giving a big fillip to Mast Culture and Boozing Brand Media’s goals to create the country’s largest community of creative minds. Enthused by the response to the twin competitions, Mast Culture has set the ball rolling for holding more competitions on a much bigger scale in 2023. It has already announced the second edition of the Poetry & Story Writing Competition and the Arts & Painting Competition.

In under a year, Mast Culture has emerged as the only transparent community working for creative individuals.

“We have over 250 prestigious brands who want to work with talented artists whose work is reviewed by more than 1,000 top-notch industry professionals and experts. The result is that only the best can make it and get brand deals and an opportunity to monetise their talent,” Rao said further.

Boozing Brand Media’s extensive experience in branding and brand deals makes it a win-win for both brands and artists. It helps brands gain visibility and features the best talent in its magazine for unique recognition in the industry. It also uses its collaborations to get the best possible deals for artists.




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