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Marvel Comics on Celluloid


We all grew up in a comic crazy childhood. All those moments when our parents used to get us a copy of any Marvel comics we used to go gaga. It used to be the same excitement that our moms get every time the next episode of any nail biting TV serial releases on Star Plus.


Now since Marvel comics are the ever best made comics and also since I hate comparing, I’m going to brief up the favorite set of live action movies inspired from comics- The Avengers.

Five exclusive movies had been made prior to filming the Avengers. And all these films set the perfect establishment required to understand the character of each of the heroes.  

It’s going to be compared hero wise:-


The god of thunder and the only superhero in the Avengers who’s origin is from a different realm (Asgard). Has an exclusively designed hammer that functions only because of him. It has powers more than our wildest imaginations. Known to kids as a hero related to the day Thursday which is like a partly unexplained myth. Played by Chris Hemsworth and he plays it the best. His misunderstanding with his brother Loki is the main reason the Avengers had anybody to defend at all.

Captain America:-

Well he’s just another guy with an amazing physique but also with super human powers. Or you can say with amplified powers of a normal human being. Played by Chris Evans and he’s the one, on whom the science experiment of successful and can be called as the chosen one of the Marvel world. Initially, was just a small town kid desperately wanting to serve the army so he doesn’t tortured by bullies. He being a super hero can be genuinely because of the Stark industries (Howard Stark). Another major ability is that he can’t age and can flaunt his physique all the time, and he can’t get high and being one among the Avengers he can’t afford to. Best possible compliment, you bully someone and he can become a superhero too.


Now if it is mesmerizing and fun to watch the action of a super hero it is none other than him. The forever “Angry huge man” who is also green in the Marvel world is someone who can scare the crap out of anyone. His alter ego Bruce banner portrayed initially by Edward Norton went terribly bad and the when replaced by Mark Ruffalo hit the bull’s eye. Can you imagine the worst nightmare of all-time when someone gets angry? Well I can guarantee The Hulk is one level above that. Again he can be said evolved due to failed science experiment and being exposed to huge amounts of gamma rays that makes him immensely huge and green.

Iron Man:-

One word i.e. awesome. He defines it. Let it be his attitude, his intelligence, his status quo, Tony Stark as Iron man. Now it’s only Robert Downey Jr. who can play Tony Stark as Iron Man. The only person in reality who’s as cool as the character he plays. Four things as we all know Iron man is outside the suit is genius, playboy, millionaire, philanthropist.

Black Widow:-

Agent Romanoff is the one who has been associated with S.H.I.E.L.D.  for the longest time and basically the hottest character in The Avengers. It can be no one else but Scarlett Johansson to portray this character.

Hawk eye:-

Also another agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who doesn’t have much of a back story. Has an acute aiming super power and unexplained fact that his ammo never finishes.

Now the best news possible can be that the sequel i.e. Marvel Avenger: Age of Ultron is just another year’s wait.  Happy news indeed.

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