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Marley and Me: A Review


By Rhea Grover

As I sat looking for inspiration for my next article, staring aimlessly at my bookshelf I saw the book that had a great impact on me when I was younger and as I sat and thought about it I realized how relevant it still was in my life. This perennial nature of this book, urged me to write something about it, reminding my readers a bit from their childhood. Books are a writer’s expression and a reader’s delight. Especially at a level at which I came across the New York Times Bestseller ‘Marley & Me’ by John Grogan. The book talks of the journey of a young journalist in Florida and his wife who adopt a naughty little golden Labrador named ‘Marley’. Marley soon becomes a part of their life and takes part in their ups and downs throughout- right from the time he came to their house as a puppy till the very end. He sees them struggle, work, evolve and succeed. He watches their children being born and growing up. Each member of the family develops a bond with Marley as he continues to show his love, affection and support to them. Every dog-owner and dog-lover can associate with the love, becomes an attachment, trouble and fears the author goes through in the course of keeping a dog. Even those who are not very fond of animals are sure to develop a liking for this book as it has such a lasting impact on the reader, that the reader can actually understand the emotional condition of the author and relate to many of the instances mentioned in the book. The book gets us in contact with our baser emotional tendencies that are intrinsic to all humans and maybe that’s why people of all ages are sure to like this book as it relates to every one of us with its entertaining, engrossing, moving and inspiring story even years after it has been published. The book ‘Marley & Me’ is touching, compelling and thought-provoking; engaging, entertaining and enjoyable. The book, based on the poet’s life story, was also adapted into a movie of the same name starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston which also like the book, won accolades the world over. But even after advanced aesthetics, the movie couldn’t quite capture the essence of the story the same way the book did. The beautiful story, wonderful writing and brilliant finishing of the book are sure to a good impression on you and get you completely engrossed into the story. The reading experience leaves the readers asking for more. So, even if you have seen the movie, go ahead and read the book and experience the excitement, fear and emotion that the author felt. Happy reading!


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