For decades now, Maoists have been a terror in various districts of India and are creating a hard time for everyone. In a new incident, a woman sarpanch in the Rewali village of Dantewada district, Chhattisgarh is on her toes as Maoists are not letting her construct roads and are after her life.

Sarpanch Is Running For Her Life

The woman sarpanch of Rewali village, Deve Barse claims that she is running for her life for a month now. Each night she has to accommodate herself in a new village to escape from the Maoists.

Deve said that Maoists regularly come to her house for eight days. She is also ready to resign from her post but she claims that she hasn’t done anything wrong. What made her a target of Maoists is that she actively supports infrastructural development and because of that she is getting roads constructed around the Rewali village.

The roads are being laid between Sameli and Barrem areas in the Dantewada district and will connect these areas to Palnar-Aranpur main road. However, the Maoists are against the construction of roads.

Superintendent of Police in Dantewada district, Siddharth Tiwari said, “Maoists oppose road construction as it enables easy and swifter movement of security forces in and out of the forests. Better road connectivity will also pave the way for government schemes to reach these villages and diminish the influence of Maoists over the residents.”  

Maoists rule in Chhattisgarh

Maoists Kill Deve’s Husband

Before running behind Deve, the Maoists killed her husband Bheema on 5th November near the village. They also left a note that said they want Deve Barse, the sarpanch, to resign from her post.

This has led the 30-year-old woman to flee from her home and seek refuge in different villages every night in order to protect herself. Initially, she had no other option but to live in the Gram Panchayat to save herself.

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Before Deve, Deva was the sarpanch of the Rewali village but he also resigned and left the village in fear of Maoists.

Why Are Maoists A Security Threat?

 Maoists have been in India since the 1960s and since then, they have claimed about 10,000 lives. They are also considered one of the most serious threats to internal security in India.

They tend to ask the local population for protection money and are against the construction of roads or any infrastructural development because according to them, this will lower their terror in the areas they are controlling.

Every central government that comes into power is trying its best to control the terror of the Maoists through various ways but there are doubts about its effectiveness as they are still a major issue in small villages like Rewali. 

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