Manish Singh: Raring to be the numero uno in the digital marketing space as the youngest millionaire entrepreneur of India

Manish Singh as the head honcho of ZZED Group of Companies has proved his excellence as a 20-year-old skillfull entrepreneur.

As years pass by, we notice how individuals across business industries give their best in creating massive momentum and race ahead others in their respective fields. Looking at all these individuals, especially youngsters, we can confidently say that the numerous business industries are in safer hands. Talking about the digital marketing world, which is one industry that has never stopped growing, it has given birth to incredible talents so far, who have gone ahead in making a unique name for themselves even in a competitive industry. Manish Singh is one such high-performing and talented digital marketer and entrepreneur, who at only 20 years of age has proved that success has nothing to do with age. With his sheer excellence in understanding the business and passion for creating and developing many new digital marketing strategies and solutions for each of his clients; he has created his empire in the form of ZZED Group of Companies.

There is a reason why Manish Singh is considered as the youngest millionaire entrepreneur of India, who has created this milestone being only 20 years of age. His unaverred passion, zealousness, and an unflinching vision have motivated this youngster to create techniques, tactics, and strategies in digital marketing with a customized approach for his clients, which has allowed him to reach the top of the digital marketing game with his empire ZZED Group of Companies.

Manish Singh hails from a small town in Bihar and growing up in a middle-class family helped him realize the importance of being financially independent. With developing a positive and winning mindset, Manish Singh, with his relentless hard work, jumped into the digital marketing world and founded ZZED Group of Companies to scale his clients to greater heights of success.

His empire deals with many verticals including ZZED Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd, ZZED News, ZZED Digital and ZZED Corporations. ZZED Media firm has been behind his clients’ exponential rise, optimizing the best and creative advertising and marketing campaigns and strategies. Today, his empire has a turnover of more than $2 million. In just two years, Manish Singh’s journey has become an influential case study for many other rising digitalpreneurs of the world. 

The youngster doesn’t seem to stop here with his empire; he wishes to build a Digital University as well that can be instrumental for building more careers in the digital industry. The pace at which Manish Singh is achieving success, we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the digital marketing game soon.

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