Maniisha Thakkar is the brain partner you require to grasp unconventional topics, embrace innovative ideas, and maintain your sanity at the same time.

The brain is hardwired to stay in its comfort zone, therefore training it to leave that zone in order to understand or explore something may be challenging, says Maniisha Thakkar

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 30: A cursory review at Maniisha Thakkar’s biography reveals that she is a vibrant personality with a sympathetic and caring attitude on life after conquering challenging life milestones. She is a motivational speaker, life coach, counsellor, image consultant, and NLP coach. She has mentored thousands of people’s cases in more than 17 nations with 100% results. Her way of helping & assisting couples is brilliant.

Her profile is absolutely authentic and has been recognized by many award-winning publication channels

With honours degrees in both English literature and psychology from Mumbai University, Maniisha has advanced tremendously. Additionally, she is certified in many modalities, including reiki, crystal healing, psychotherapy, psychic shield, and archaic yoga. At a young age, this multidimensional culture had ingrained in her a passion for knowledge, allowing her to approach life as holistically as possible. After receiving individualised instruction from one of Asia’s Best Personal Stylists to provide a firm and sturdy foundation, she went on to complete her education and get her diploma in image consultancy.

Maniisha Thakkar suggests that life is all about learning new things, expanding one’s sphere of familiarity, and facing obstacles head-on with the utmost clarity and conviction.

She believes that avoiding the problem is not the best course of action. You will find the solutions and connections you have been searching for by confronting it and having conversations about it.

She has been giving people guidance for at least fifteen years and has done so with great success, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from her clients.

She leads both online and offline seminars, which encourages participants to talk to her about their problems and successes in life since they regard Maniisha as the lone beacon of hope guiding them in the correct route and clients must meet her once for their personal growth.

The mind is like a game of chess where one is continuously trying to figure out their next move. However, with the correct amount of thought and persistence, one can ultimately come to the right conclusions, asserts Maniisha Thakkar



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