On a seemingly normal day in Delhi, a woman was travelling on the metro. She unsuspectingly helped with the queries of a co-passenger, little knowing that her modesty would be outraged.

“While travelling on the yellow line, I faced sexual harassment at the Jor Bagh station,” Advaita Kapoor tweeted. “The man had asked for my help with an address during the metro ride. I helped him, then got off at my station and sat on the platform to book a cab.”

The turn of events was normal till then, when the man approached her again. This time he apparently wanted to confirm the address and showed her a file.

“At this point, I noticed that he was trying to thrust his uncovered penis in my face. He attempted to do this thrice. As soon as I noticed, I got up and ran because I was scared and couldn’t think.”

Even after this traumatic encounter, the woman’s troubles did not end. 

“I approached a policeman standing on the platform, but he flatly refused to help me and asked me to go upstairs to talk about it.” Then she somehow went up to the CCTV room and recognized the man on the recorded footage.

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When she sought help and guidance from the metro authorities, instead of getting reassurance she ended up getting victim-blamed. “I asked them to do something about it, but instead they started victim blaming and that I should’ve created a scene and that there’s nothing they can do now since he managed to leave.”

This entire incident questions the safety label that is associated with the Delhi Metro. It shows that the Metro authority is not efficient enough to take the right steps following such an untoward incident.

“The incident has completely shaken up my belief that metros are safe,” Advaita tweeted. She highlighted the need for the message to get through to DMRC and Delhi Police, and inform them about “how bad their safety measures are”.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) replied to the woman’s tweet saying “Hi. Please provide the exact time of the incident. In such cases, commuters are requested to immediately report the matter to the nearest Metro staff or contact the Customer Care centre at the station.”

The negligent safety response and behaviour on the part of the metro police and authorities as alleged by the woman is something to be taken note of seriously.

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