The Malayalam film industry has been in the news lately, and not always for good reasons.

A Black Mark On Dileep’s Record

Seasoned actor Dileep got into trouble in February 2017 for allegedly being the mastermind behind the kidnapping and molestation of his co-worker, the Malayalam actress Bhavana, in Kochi. Several investigations were made into the matter, and Dileep spent 85 days in jail.

Actor Dileep

A Plan That Backfired

According to the news being reported by various channels and sources, Bhavana was instrumental in informing Dileep’s ex-wife, actress Manju Warrier, about his extramarital affair with fellow actress Kavya Madhavan, who is his current wife.

This apparently led to ill feeling between Dileep and Bhavana, and he planned her kidnap and assault prior to her own wedding. However, her fiancé stood by her, and went ahead with the ceremony.

Actress Bhavana and husband

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AMMA Was Right To Remove Dileep, But Why Did They Take Him Back?

Dileep was since removed from the Association of Malayalam Movie Actors (AMMA), but has recently been reinstated.

This action of the AMMA to accept a man known for organising the kidnapping and molesting of a co-worker has led to protest among its female members.

In addition to the victim, Bhavana, three other noteworthy actresses in the Malayalam film industry have resigned from the AMMA in protest– Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambisan, and Geetu Mohandas, all of whom are leading ladies in the industry.

AMMA meeting with prominent Malayalam actors

Decision-Makers Under Fire

Star actors Mohanlal and Mammooty have also come under fire for allowing Dileep back into the AMMA, for whatsoever reason the decision to do so was taken.

The decision of these four leading ladies to resign from the AMMA was posted on the Facebook page of the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), which is spearheaded by Manju Warrier, Dileep’s ex-wife.

However, 17 hours ago, NDTV broke a story stating that Dileep has said that he is “saddened by the humiliation he is facing,” and will not return to the AMMA unless his innocence is proved before the state of Kerala and its people.

In my opinion, it was not correct of AMMA to include a man who had planned and executed such ghastly action against a co-worker, no matter how famous, popular, or influential he is.

While women actors have vociferously opposed this move, the silence of male stars like Mohanlal and Mammooty, who are extremely influential in the industry, does not bode well for the safety of Malayalam actresses in an environment where men can apparently get away with such terrible crimes.

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Sources: Asianet, NDTV, Kerala Press Trust of India

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