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Making Sense Of The Nonsense


Rahul-Gandhi-PMYes, you have guessed it right. This article is about Rahul Gandhi. Inspite of the fact that Narendra Modi has been trying to connect with the voters through frequent rallies and all, all that we get from the other side is gibberish. It is simply not fair to the voters. So, I undertook this difficult task of decoding Rahul Gandhi’s maudlin speeches.

Though most of the people are least interested in when and why his mother cried, his speech in which his mother weeps might have struck a chord with atleast a certain segment of the population. You know how heroic it is to shed a tear for not being able to vote for the bill which gives right to free food to 67% of India’s 1.2 billion population.

His ‘nonsense ordinance that should be torn and thrown away’ was not that bad either. It gave an opportunity to some sycophants of ‘the family’ to project Rahul as the only lotus in the muck of dirty politicians, who is willing to go against the system. But we shouldn’t insult his ‘pappuness’ by reading too much into it and insinuate that it was a pre-meditated act.

In his ‘escape velocity’ speech, I guess he was trying to talk about social mobility. [It is an entirely different matter that all that his party has done is to kill the aspirations of people and ensure that they remain poor and illiterate]. Reaffirming his pappuness, he actually quoted the precise escape velocity of Jupiter and made the speech so contrived that even physicists could not understand the euphemism used in his observations.

His recent speech about the Muzzaffarnagar riot victims being in touch with Pakistan’s ISI is so pitiful that I don’t want to trivialize the whole issue by being sarcastic about it.

End the speech saga with a suggestion to RaGa, refrain from reminding Indians of the Nehru-Gandhi dynastic rule. It only reinforces the belief that in the 57 years that the Gandhis have ruled India, they have done precious little to improve the ‘escape velocity’ of the poor.


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