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“Mahi’s Way” : A ‘Poster Series’ On The Ex Indian Skipper, Mahender Singh Dhoni


Mahender Singh Dhoni was one captain that every cricket fan out there looked up to! Known as ‘Captain Cool’ among fans, Dhoni time and again displayed different quirks and wits on the field, only to come out victorious every time!

It breaks our heart to not see Dhoni as the captain in today’s England v/s India ODI. And this is why we at ED decided to pay a tribute to MSD’s captaincy in the form of fun posters.

Here’s captaincy, the “Mahi’s way” :

1. While referring to Ian Bell in a match:

Dhoni 1

2. When Robin Uthappa misfielded at third man. Dhoni said:


3. Dhoni to Ashwin, asking him to give flight delivery during a match:


4. Collins defended successfully against Kumble twice in Ind-WI test and was applauded by the crowd. At that moment, Dhoni said:

4 New

5. Dhoni tried to imitate a commentator’s description of Jadeja’s bowling, quipping:


6. Once, when Ravindra Jadeja was erring in his length on the off-stump against New Zealand in a Test match, Dhoni reminded him why he had kept Pujara in the slips:


7. In a match, Sreesanth was slacking off in the field, constantly moving away from his original position. Dhoni promptly said:


8. After a big partnership between the openers in the third Australia-India Test in Mohali in 2013, Michael Clarke came to the crease in his bid to build on the openers’ work. Dhoni told Jadeja:


9. Dhoni saying to Ravindra Jadeja while bowling to Chris Gayle:


10. It was in a match against Australia, when players were showing laziness. He said:


11. During the second Test against New Zealand in Hyderabad in 2012, the visitors were five wickets down in the second innings, with a lead of almost 200 runs. Kruger Van Wyk and James Franklin were in the middle, Dhoni referring to Wyk told Umesh Yadav:


12. In his first over Kohli bowled 2 consecutive yorkers and got Kevin Pietersen out. Naturally, he got excited and started trying different variations and bowled a wide ball that went for byes to which Dhoni said:


13. During a World Cup match:


14. On being asked of retirement, Dhoni giggled and said:


This was our Captain Cool at his best during his tenure! Authoritative yet supportive of his mates. We love MS, don’t we? Raise your hand if you shed a tear or two when he announced retirement from captaincy!

“Tears? No-No. Something fell in my eye!”

Design Credits: Nadiminti Sarvani

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