Mahesh Sharma’s Security Beat Up Guards: No Such Things As Rules For The VIP of Delhi

So… you know how the Delhi people have that famous line of ‘Tu Janta Hai, Main Kon Hu?’ or ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ or another variation of it substituted with whatever relative is in a position of power.

Well till now it had mostly been relegated to a funny thing that filmmakers and television people used to exaggerate the Delhi people. But apparently, this stereotype proved to be very much correct what with the recent incident that occurred.

Now, we all know that Delhi being the capital and the hub of all political activities, has a number of politicians and civil employees living here. And in doing so, they also enjoy a number of facilities and privileges that are not available for the normal public.

However, it seems that power really goes to ones head when a person gets accustomed to being treated as a person of authority and power. The same thing perhaps happened to Mahesh Sharma, the Union Culture Minister, whose private security staff apparently beat up the guards of a high rise residential complex in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.


This incident occurred on Thursday evening, when the minister had apparently gone to the aforementioned place to visit some relatives on the festival of Rakshabandhan.

First let me clarify that I am in no way commenting on his having gone to meet his relatives. That is not the point of issue, the focus is how his security staff retaliated when met with the slightest bit of resistance.

Also, one thing that a lot of such well to do residential societies are doing for quite some time, in order to maintain the safety of its residents, is checking with the people in question whether they have invited anyone in or not.

But the minister’s security staff apparently thought that they were too above such banal rules and should just be let in inside without another question.

So how dare these guards do their duty?

How dare they try to follow the rules, all in the name of making sure that they weren’t allowing entrance to perhaps, a dangerous person?

Now, Mr. Modi our worldwide known prime minister had said that this all would come to a stop. When in fact such instances of people of authority abusing their power is only increasing.

Signing off I would just like to say that, VIP’s getting preferential treatment is quite well known, but the problem comes in when they and their staff start to think of themselves as above the law.

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