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Mahabharata : The hidden lessons !


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The Mahabharata happens to the greatest epic in our country. It is story of Satyavati’s aspirations, Bheeshma’s sacrifice, Shakuni’s revenge, Duroyodhana’s pride,Karna’s struggle, Arjun’s courage, Draupadi’s insult and Krishna’s paheliyan. A tale of endless wrong decisions, innumerable adharmas and massive destruction. It has been thousands of years since the country witnessed an 18-day war, which almost ended everything, but the story finds its prominence today also. History determines what we are today. We need to get lessons from our past to make our future better. Mahabharata has a lot to teach us.

Circumstances change and you have to change too:
Bheeshma happens to an epitome of how you always stand up for what you say. He knew his decision to stay with kauravas was not right. He knew his decision to attack pandavas was unethical. He could have wrapped up everything during sinful event of vastra-haran. He could have done a lot but could not because his words, his oath, and his dharma mattered to him the most. Had he raised his voice at such moments, mahabharta yudh would have never happened. It is important that you always keep your words but according to the situations, we have to change when the conditions change.
Never build your decisions in agony:
Beeshma was a great  warrior,very respectable as a human being but his decision of not marrying and sacrificing the throne was taken in pain and anguish. Had he viewed the things from a larger perspective, the entire history would have been different. Pandu’s one decision of quitting the throne had changed the fate of Hastinapur. Rather than his guilt and despair, if he had given a thought about the country’s plight, the history would have taken some other turn.
Fight for your rights always:
If you are righteous and if you have not done anything wrong, it may take many years but fortune takes you to the place where you are destined to. Krishna used all right or wrong means to protect what is right. God will always give you a lot of reasons and ways .The only thing you have to do is fight for your rights. He will stand with you. No matter how strong the problems are, if you are courageous the world is yours.
Sexual Abuse is never tolerable:
Assaulting a girl is the biggest crime and if the girl is as fiery as Draupadi, Mahabharata Yudh is ought to happen. Draupadi fought for her rights, her respect and her strong actions gave a powerful message. Dear girls, you should not bow down to men who are perverts.  You will teach them a lesson one day.Trust the ones who actually love you. Never ever feel ashamed of something wrong that happens to you, God will hit the right man at the right place at the right time. So,stay strong till the fight ends.






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