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M Hoody: The Modern Sound of Arabic Rap


M Hoody was inspired by many rappers growing up, but the thing that encouraged him the most to become a rapper is the ability to deliver a message through his words. He sees words as weapons that a person must choose to use in a wise manner. The things you say can have an effect on the people who hear them and Hip Hop gives artists the opportunity to decide how they will use their words. His creative process involves listening to an instrumental that connects with how he feels and typically begins with him writing the hook. From there he continues to bring apart the pieces of the track until he has created a song.

The artists that he would most like to collaborate with in the studio are Charlie Charles and the other artists that Charlie Charles works with, because their artistic styles would mesh together well and allow them to create many high-quality songs that M Hoody can see becoming hits. In regards to the current rap scene M Hoody would love to be able to collaborate with Soolking. With the current Covid pandemic touring for artists is difficult, but if M Hoody could go on tour with any artists it would by YR Music, because he sees them as family. If he could give any message to his fans it would be, “I’m not saying I don’t make money; I just don’t kill for it.  Money doesn’t buy health, and money doesn’t get you into heaven. Work hard and always be intuitive.” If he wasn’t involved in music then he would most likely be in real estate or business management, because he studied business at a university and enjoyed the experience.

M Hoody does not have any preferred or undesirable venues to perform at, but he does enjoy venues such as TD Garden in Boston. His favorite song to perform live is Flow City, which is an unreleased, original song that is planned for release this year with a music video planned for the end of the year. M Hoody has also noticed an increase in competition as a result of the Covid pandemic due to the need for artists to be more active online. The best music career advice he received was, “Don’t remove your mask, because you’re unique like that.” The best life advice he has received is, “Fear God, because if you fear God you always try your best to do good in life.” M Hoody plans on releasing an album this year along with clips from the best songs. Next year he also plans to be releasing another album. 

MHoody can be found online at:  

Instagram:  @mhoodyofficial

YouTube:  MHoody

TikTok:   @mhoodyofficial


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