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Lua Announces Innovative Technology for Online PDF Conversions


Have you ever found yourself asking why you should convert the original document of Word, Excel or Powerpoint into PDF? Ask yourself whether reading a document is efficient more in a Word document or in a PDF file? Your answer would be PDF for sure and that is exactly the reason why PDF is so popular among the professionals and even the students. PDF works like an electronic paper where you can read easily. 

Also, the documents stored in the PDF are highly portable and easy to share. Almost all the devices, no matter on which operating system they work, have a PDF reader. Not to forget, a PDF can also be protected with additional layers of security on the basis of your requirement. If after reading the benefits of having a document as a PDF file, are you wondering where you can convert your documents into PDF? You can use Lua PDF Converter for converting all kinds of documents into PDF. 

What is Lua PDF?

Lua is a web-based PDF converter and therefore, you can use it to convert your files into PDF both from the desktop and smartphone. As long as your device supports a browser and has an internet connection, you can use the Lua to convert the original documents into PDF. Secondly, Lua has a clean interface. All the services which are offered by Lua are clearly demarcated to make it easier for the users to navigate through the website. Currently, Lua supports nine services which include converting files of different formats into PDF, converting the PDF into different documents, compressing PDF and merging PDF. 

Using Lua, you can convert JPG, JPEG, Excel spreadsheets, PPT presentations, and Word to PDF. For converting the files, you have to simply choose the option in which the file format fits in and click on it. In the second step, you will have to upload the file. Lua also provides the users with the option of drag and drop which makes it extremely easy to upload the files. Once uploaded, the conversion process to PDF will automatically begin. You do not need to waste your time in vague taps like the Convert tab. Lua is intelligent enough to understand that you have uploaded the file for conversion and therefore, begins the conversion process as soon as the file is uploaded saving some precious time. After the file is converted into a PDF document, you need to download it. Converting your files into PDF is that easy with Lua. 

After the conversion process is completed, the file that you have uploaded in the server will be automatically deleted to ensure the security of the file. All the PDFs which are created using Lua are of high-quality. It is because Lua ensures that the original formats that you have used in creating the documents remain intact. You will get the exact look of the original document in the PDF.

Lua is much more than a simple online PDF converter. It not only converts documents of other formats into PDF but can also convert the PDF to Word documents. You can use Lua to convert the PDF into PNG, JPG and Word. While converting the PDF into PNG and JPG, you have the option of saving the individual pages as separate images. 

In addition to that, the Merge PDF option available in Lua can be used for clubbing multiple PDF into one. All you need to take care of is the fact that you upload the PDF documents in the same sequence in the Lua server in which you want to merge them. In case, you have a PDF of large size, you can choose the compress PDF option to compress the size of the PDF. In short, Lua PDF converter can meet all your basic PDF needs and that too for free. 

All the conversions in Lua take place at a lightning speed. It is because, in Lua, you can upload files of not more than 5 MB size. The small size of the files ensures a fast conversion in Lua. The next time when you need to create a PDF, head to Lua PDF converter for easily converting your documents into PDF. This cloud-based converter can be used from anywhere during any time. 

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