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Love Speed, Racing & Watches? Then These Timepieces Need To Go On Your Shopping List NOW


As the world was witnessing the christening glory of automobiles back in the 1980s, the idea of speed entered the radar of inventors across the globe. There was a need to create timepieces that could match pace with the automobile era, and there was a man who stepped up to the challenge–Edouard Heuer, the founding father of today’s TAG Heuer watches.

In an era where automobiles were getting faster and faster by the day, precision was everything. This sparked Heuer’s passion for speed. And thus was born the motor racing legacy of TAG Heuer, embedded right into the brand’s DNA, more than justifying their tagline: mastering speed for 150 years.

Inspired by the world of motorsports, today, TAG Heuer has four dedicated collections that come out with the most precise and thrilling models, befitting the need for speed and the panache that goes with it.

Catering to the Indian demand for TAG Heuer watches are retail outlets like Ethos Watch Boutiques that shout out to all adrenalin junkies, sports fanatics, motorists, and just about anyone with a need for speed.

Here are the best of motor racing-inspired luxe TAG Heuer watches:


There’s no denying that TAG Heuer watches have become synonymous with motor racing –and the Carrera collection epitomises that connection beautifully. Speed, power and the spirit of extreme sports fuel the look and feel of the lineage.

Keeping pace not only with the growing demands of the motor racing industry but modern trends as well, the Carrera collection is the perfect choice for a contemporary yet sporty appeal. The extensive collection comes in all shapes and sizes, but the bottom line is –they’ve all got that sophisticated sporty overtone as a symbol of the brand’s lasting inspiration of racing.

Here’s one of our favourites from the collection of Carrera TAG Heuer watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques:

TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2A10.BA0799


 Released as the 50th-anniversary edition of the Carrera, this model encapsulates everything we so love about the collection. The winning chronograph is reminiscent of the earlier generations, yet the suave sleek steel bracelet and black bezel lend it a versatile edge as well. This one’s going to make you transition effortlessly from businessman to motorist!


Though a reinterpretation of the original Carrera collection, the Grand Carrera today stands its own ground as TAG Heuer watches’ premium line.

Fashion trends may come and go, but the need for speed is here to stay. Come what may, the Grand Carrera collection is a classic reiteration of the marriage between motor-sporting and watch-making finesse that’s going to continue to swoon us through the years.

A Grand Carrera on your wrist is a truly exquisite, unmatched experience –the perfect timepiece for speed lovers. Take a look at this beast:

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera CAV518B.FT6016


 A feat of engineering mastery, this one’s power-packed with everything you’d want to make it into your luxury watch collection. Catering to the expectations of motor-lovers and watch enthusiasts alike, the model comes in a bold titanium casing with rubber straps, and sapphire crystal to make it a lasting piece in your collection, for the generations to come. The winning element of the timepiece is however, its distinctive Rotating System that allows for optimal and high-precision time display.

The inspiration from motor racing has got this beast looking like it was moulded right out of a lean mean racing machine!


No motor racing-inspired collection is complete without a dash of Formula 1, don’t you think? Well, so did TAG Heuer. Carrying forth the motorist legacy of TAG Heuer luxury watches is the Formula 1 collection. Crafted with an overarching athletic appeal, the range is nonetheless ideal for just about any occasion, from casual to formal.

Here’s our top pick from the lot:

TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAH1210.BA0862


 Sexy and sporty, this one celebrates the masculine spirit in all its glory!

The most striking feature of this model is its water resistance of up to 500 metres. That’s right, over 5 times that of most other watches in the market. The luminescent markers make the dial legible whether you’re up on a cloudy mountain or 500 metres underwater.


Launched to honour the Monaco Grand Prix, the Monaco collection created history by fashioning a square casing that held a chronograph and yet remained water resistant –a first in the world of watch-making. The range was further popularised when actor Steve McQueen sported the timepiece for his role as a motor racer –suggesting the extreme accuracy and dependability of TAG Heuer watches. Take a look at this model that had our hearts racing:

TAG Heuer Monaco CAL2110.FC6257




Unique in every aspect of its design and machinery, here’s a luxury timepiece you need to add to your collection. Combining an old-school design route with path-breaking technology, this new model boasts of a first of its kind belt-driven transmission.

Sure, there are many other brands with sporty watches, but it’s safe to say that when it comes to sports watches, TAG Heuer is our obvious choice.

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