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The day I shifted from a small town to a ‘dilvaloon ki city, Delhi’ I knew that my life was not going to be the same. Obviously, a shift from school life to college, a journey from well-protected homely environment to a challenging hostel life had begun. There were many new things to learn and adjust. However, there was one such phenomenon that I was not able to adjust with. It was simply the thought that, the day you enter college you got have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and if not that, you have to, necessarily, have a crush. There is no life if you don’t ‘like’ somebody. The person is a ‘nerd’, isn’t he?

Today, wherever you see, you’ll find couples hanging all around. You will find people who’ll just keep on talking about their recent crush n stuff. Oh! I think we have a lot more to talk about. We all know that there is no better feeling than knowing your partner years before you get married, but would not that be  great if you spend the same time with your friends and family and just love the way things may go. At our age of 15-25 years, we all stand at the point of our lifetimes where we can reach the heights of sky or just make a hell out of it.

It is pretty strange and surprising to see them waiting for the text message from their boyfriend or girlfriend all day long! Getting relationship advises from friends! Listening to ‘Arijit’s’ songs after having a break up! Oh yes, we have all the time and energy in the world to waste.

Kindly, do not judge me as an opponent of the purest feeling in the world called ‘love’. I do believe in love and faith of love but if we concentrate, we have a lot more to learn from life. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we are busy focusing on developing ourselves, building up our careers, learning new things and try to be a better person every day. I bet this will boost up your confidence level more than anyone’s presence in your life would.

Next time you get frustrated for not having someone close in your life, just think about your friends who might need your time and help, your family who is happy to see you progress and most importantly, yourself. Give yourself new directions, new dimensions and a new dream. You will feel the change and the change that will never die. As Paulo Coelho rightly says, “Solitude is not the absence of love, but it’s a compliment”


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