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The world is indeed painted in ‘fifty shades of sex’, which, in itself, is a testimony to the fact that the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite still hasn’t stopped winking lustfully at our race! Whether it’s the songs about getting laid or sitcoms that keep us in suspense whether a certain character will bone the other or not, in short SEX IS EVERYWHERE. 

So, now that I have your attention, let me talk about the same universe where people like me exist. I simply don’t prioritize sex so much, regardless of orientation. Let’s just say, I’m not so much into the ‘sex verse’ the rest of the world is in. 

People at times forget that being sex-neutral is also a choice and there is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ about it.  We really do be living in a sex-obsessed world. Talk of the person across the room you are crushing hard on, or about your hormones or maybe your dating game, when people tend to bring everything back to sex, you know it is real. 

People’s belief that sex is all-important, is the biggest mis-selling scandal of the 20th century. It is a psychological drive we all have, some have it more than others, while the rest of us feel it less intensely. 

While love and sex may go hand in hand, the modern gen tends to care a little too much about the latter. 

Now coming to what is sex neutrality—for me, it’s just a default position on viewing sex as an activity. I’m not totally apathetic to the idea, I don’t see it as either empowering and positive or sinful and bad.

It’s not of great importance to me and I am under no such obligation to do it. I just don’t believe in the point of looking at it as something special which needs to be distinguished from any other human activities. 

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I have had my time to process my feelings, desires, and even my sex drive,  the only thing I would like to say is, sex is not something you should have under peer pressure or the thought that everyone is doing it so I should too. It should completely be your choice, pleasure factor, and maybe your biological urge, cause in the end libido is not something I can assess. 

For me sex is like a rich slice of chocolate pastry: I may desire it, have it, or not want it at all–no one can set the rules of the game!! So if you are straight who wants to indulge in that pastry go ahead, if you are gay who wants a vanilla cake, or an asexual who wants nothing but a pizza, I say it’s you who has the choice! 

Sex is well, just sex. As no such thing as everyone MUST have sex exists, right?

Those days are long gone when sex was a hush-hush topic, confined to the bedroom as a ‘first-night’ thing. With rapidly changing ideologies over time, sexuality is being respected in all its colors. 

We all have different sexual urges, we just gotta respect everyone’s position in the game. Sex-positive or sex-neutral, you should totally own it!!

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