I’ve always been a big fan of Apple phones, and in particular, the most recent iPhone X caught my eye because of its screen. The edge to edge display wastes no screen space, just as I had imagined an ideal phone should be.

Have you ever wondered about owning the iPhone X, and the steps that follow are checking your bank budget and trying to forget that thought?

Well, here’s a way you can own an iPhone X in about Rs. 20,000 only.

Well, not exactly the iPhone X, but a replica of it ― Vivo V9. There is nothing different in both these mobile phones except the RAM and the memory. Now, this is a realistic way to own the whooping Rs. 83,000 iPhone X in a budget.

I’m using the less costly version of Vivo V9 – Vivo V9 Youth. The only difference between Vivo V9 and the latter is that the V9 Youth version is 32 GB with 16MP + 5MP dual camera, whereas V9 is 64GB with 20MP + 5MP dual camera.

The new Vivo V9

The First Look Of The Phone

On unboxing, you find a white cover inside which you’ll find the phone and a transparent silicon phone cover along with it. The dual sim phone is powered by Android 8.1 Oreo, the latest version and sports a slim 7.89mm body and a gorilla glass edge to edge display.

The iPhone X sports a 7.8mm thick body which is almost the same as V9, running on iOS11 along with 12MP + 12MP dual camera on the rear.

OLED Edge to Edge display makes the phone look bigger!
Very sporty lightweight metallic body

First Few Similarities And Differences You’d See

Although iPhone X has 13% more pixels, V9 isn’t any less in terms of the OLED HD screen. It gives four quick-launch icons on the bottom like any other Android phone and has two home screens by default, which can go up to seven.

Some of the icons as expected show similarity to the iPhone icons like the camera, albums, weather and so on.

An app-lock is pre-installed by the Oreo OS, unlike the iPhone X which does not have any such app lock. It uses your phone unlock pin to lock some apps.

The interface is pretty much the same as all Vivo phones.

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The settings can be accessed by a swipe up from the left bottom corner, which again is almost like the Apple counterpart. Apple introduced the face unlock, the same feature that is present in V9.

The settings screen, is again as you would see in the X.

Settings panel from a left bottom swipe up

Strangely, The Music Player Is Called iMusic

The first thing I ever see in a new mobile phone is the music player. It seems like Vivo was fascinated by the Apple music interface and brought the exact same thing into the new phone.

To add to the apparent replication, the earphones are exactly the same as the iPhone lobe earphones. The sound quality is also pretty much the same.

The music player is strangely called iMusic
The lobe earphones give you the real iPhone feels!

Truly, the budget-friendly way to own the X is to buy the Vivo V9 smartphone.

If you still think iPhone X is what you want to buy, please get ready to sell your organs because it is nowhere near the budget that a common man in India can afford.

Add a few thousand bucks more and you could buy a Tata Nano in that much money!

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