Lynching in India is at an all-time high. According to this article by India Today, there have been 16 lynchings in India in the two months preceding July.

They usually follow one of a few patterns, but two stand out.

The first is that an unknown person is accused of being a child lifter because of his foreign origins. Unverified reports shared virally across social media create an atmosphere of fear and mistrust, and as a result, the person is beaten to death.

The second usually concerns a person of the Muslim community. They are targeted by self-styled cow vigilantes who accuse them of slaughtering cows and kill them on this suspicion.

Here are 5 of the most horrific lynchings that took place in 2018.

1. Karbi Anglong, Assam (Source)

2. Hapur, Uttar Pradesh (Source)

3. Murki, Karnataka (Source)

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4. Alwar, Rajasthan (Source)

5. Nizamabad, Telangana (Source)

Image Source: Google Images

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