Sir David Attenborough had a 60-year long career exploring the natural world. Yep, THAT long. Call us lucky, but he has decided to gift us what will always be cherished over all the coming years – more than 1000 clips of his filming of wildlife and unexplored places!

The app is interestingly called Story of Life. Quite aptly, it has numerous wildlife clips that capture those moments of the natural world that anyone would have missed, but the keen eye of Sir David Attenborough.

So, having a fair idea of what a good, wildlife documentary is like because I have been fed them since childhood by my father who is still a wildlife enthusiast, I found Story of Life a marvellous amalgamation of “bits of technology” and “the mind of a naturalist”.

We have been fed WhatsApp forwards or unreliable apps in the name of encyclopediac education, but BBC Earth has found a way to help us find credibility in this gallons of information.

How does one manage from a sea of thousands of clips? The app makes it pretty easy to do. Just select the “Explore” option to filter your choice, and choose among Habitat, Species and something bizarre, perhaps seen the first time, called Behaviour.

Another thing – you can create your own collection of videos into a documentary. All that you have to do is club your videos under one theme, and you are ready to go.

story of life
You simply select the create option on the right hand corner.
Choose your area of interest.
Choose your area of interest.
Drag your favourite clips to the collection. And your documentary is set to go!
Drag your favourite clips to the collection. And your documentary is set to go!

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Getting started

It’s fairly easy.

All you have to do is go the App Store (for Android users) and download it. Wait for it to install, and get started!

How to use

Swipe left and there will be a collection that would open inside what seems like a camera focus.

The number of subdivisions of the camera focus shows the number of videos in the collection. You select the video that you want to play. And it’s there!

Select what you want to watch. As simple as that.
Select what you want to watch. As simple as that. And share! THAT TOO!


1. It is for free

Yes, phew! The first time, I thought it would really cost some real money to fully avail this app, but it isn’t! So relieved.

I think that is the biggest positive. Usually, we either subscribe to the BBC Earth channel on YouTube or come across BBC Earth videos as random shares by unknown people who suddenly pop in our newsfeed out of nowhere. Most of them are either cropped or of an abysmal quality.

When free knowledge seems a distant dream, BBC Earth changes our lives with Story of Life.

2. Amazing video quality

What a turn-off it would have been to see a pixilated polar bear emerging from a cave. Story of Life gives you the best experience, and the video quality is far more than awesome.

There are little details, like dewdrops on petals, that are still and always as clear as crystal. All this on your mobile phone.

I would go as far to say that it gives a better eye-gasm than a television experience.

3. Does not compromise on information

While some videos might really be self-evident, Sir David Attenborough will still brief you about the species, and his warmth and simplicity will help you find a home in any of the videos that you choose when your information on wildlife is terribly minuscule.


So far, I think there is only one con that I have come across, and it irks me a lot of times.
The app halts and closes by itself sometimes because it could not load all those videos. This does not make one go beyond a few topics. I suspect it will make you rip your hair apart but you won’t because you know that you have to wait for the best of things.

It is an extraordinary effort by BBC Earth to make information on wildlife to reach out to people.

In all, I would rate the app a 4/5.

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