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This rattling situation of COVID-19 has put everyone in ambiguity. Everything is uncertain, our beloved parcel deliveries, exams, and so many other things.

But for final year students, it’s a completely different scenario. We have to prepare for placements without even knowing how they will happen.

It’s not just some tests and interviews, following which you have a job in your hands, there is a lot that goes into it.

Of course, disappointment is one thing that is anonymously attached to the word placement. But pressure, preparation sessions, and in this situation- webinars and online meetings fill a normal day of my (final year student) life.

Are Placement Sessions At Home Possible?

Everything I was ever told about the placement environment has been proved wrong by an uninvited guest, coronavirus. 

Placement preparation at home is impossible. There is always someone screaming, someone playing music just to burst your ears, someone calling you, and an emotional mother who is worried about your appetite.

Being an Indian, you simply can’t attend a video call without having disturbances, and when everything is done online, and you have to be on video call for hours, let’s just say it turns out as a complete disaster.

Since colleges can’t conduct placement sessions in person, they found the help of Zoom, Google Meet and GoToWebinar. 

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Day In A Final Year Student’s Life

My day begins with online sessions that start from 9 in the morning. And being an afternoon person (yes, I wake up at 12 pm, and anyone who can wake up at 6 or 8 am are inhuman to me), it’s hard to wake up at 9 and listen to those sessions. Laying in bed with half-open eyes, that’s how I attend my morning sessions. 

Then follows the aptitude test and technical tests. I mark answers while brushing my teeth. Having food with one hand and marking answers with another is the new normal. 

At this point, I have a strong feeling that my college probably thinks the students are idle at their home, doing nothing. That is slightly true, but we are doing something, or at least we planned to. 

I had plans to learn something new, improve my existing skills, etc. But when lockdown started I got lazy, I ditched my plans earlier, now it was college’s turn to do so.  

Sessions with people from the HR department are next on my list. They usually clear doubts about do’s and don’ts of an interview and resume. 

Then company-specific training, mostly in the form of webinars.

Placements are filled with anxiety, but what no one told me is the bonds I will make during all this chaos. Everyone tries to help each other. Helping each other from making a resume to preparing for the final interview, I have built a family here.

So I will say placements in lockdown are challenging, but at least these preparations are protecting me from becoming a panda.

Tell me your lockdown struggle in the comment section below.

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