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List Of Nude Beaches In India! Yes! We Know You Will Read This


When one thinks of nude beaches the first place to come to mind would be the ever free and open Europe. France, Italy and more are extremely famous for their nude beaches, then perhaps Brazil and other such places will come to mind.

India… you would probably laugh at the very concept of India and nude beaches, but what if I told you that that concept is not as laughable or unbelievable as you might think.

Seeing as I am such a big believer in public service and want to spread happiness and information to everyone, in essence of Jan Hith Mein Jaari, I am sharing this list of nude beaches in our very own little India that you might have been unaware of till now.  (correction: what ‘might’ pretty sure none you even knew that India could have nude beaches let alone know where they are).

1. Om Beach in Karnataka:

Ironic and probably something that would seriously ruffle the feathers of many cough*orthodox*cough people but the Om beach located in the Gokarna region in Karnataka is one of the most popular nude beaches in India.

nude beaches in india

The special thing about this beach is its shape which resembles the Hindu symbol of ‘Om’ or ॐ and is a safe haven for many who are looking for a good nude beach to sunbathe and basically just frolick on the beach without any judgement or lecherous looks.

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2. Agatti Island in Lakshwadeep:

The Agatti island beach in Lakshwadeep Islands is a must visit for the nudist enthusiasts who along with being able to enjoy the beach nude also want a surreal sight to look at.

The rich coral reef and lagoons that this beach boasts of along with the undisturbed and unspoiled beauty of this beach are more than enough reason to put it in your list.

nude beaches in india

And although officially it is known for having topless beaches, you can also find various nudists there too.

One thing to keep in mind when visit this place would be that you might require special permission to visit this island, so make sure you have your paperwork ready.

3. Arambol beach in Goa:

The Arambol beach is located in North Goa and apart from being a nude beach, it is also quite popular for its ‘local mud’ found on the beach that visitors like to apply onto their nude bodies.

4. Orza beach in Goa:

The Ozra beach in Goa is located around 24 km away from Panaji while still being in close vicinity to the more popular and public beaches like Vagator and Anjuna.

nude beaches in india

Unlike the other beaches, this one is a little difficult to reach considering that you have to really search for it, but the seclusion actually works in this case as it allows for ensured safety for the visitors.

And yes, for all intents and purposes, nudity is illegal in India, so beware of being prosecuted if found nude on these beaches. But the secluded locations and privacy that many of these beaches offer, make sure that you are not disturbed unnecessarily. Oh, and a warning, along with your clothes, leave your cheapness at home too, since these places are meant to be fun and give enjoyment to the visitors. And who knows, you might just bump into me while at one these beaches.

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