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Linking Of Shahrukh Khan And Mukesh Ambani


There have always been solemn attempts to link the world of cinema to the world of business. Probably because of their celebrity status and their involvement in myriad controversies.

ED thus presents to you an efficacious comparison of the Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and the Business star Mukesh Ambani.

Tracing back to who these people are? Well the names themselves describe their position but fulfilling the obligatory clause, I would like to introduce these people to you.

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani: He is an Indian business magnate who is the chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s second most valuable company by market value.


Shah Rukh Khan: Also known as SRK,  he is an Indian film actor, producer and television personality. Referred to in the media as “Baadshah of Bollywood”, “King of Bollywood” or “King Khan”, he has appeared in more than 80 Bollywood films.


Comparison between these two celebs has led me to list out 8 good points. Read on to find out:

  1. The Star Factor: Mukesh Ambani is the lord of businessmen in the corporate world. SRK has made a mark in Bollywood by his Baadshah image. Undoubtedly these two are the brightest stars in their respective fields. I’ll say this at the drop of my hat that their presence in their respective areas has never been overpowered. They’ve outshone multitude businessmen as well as actors and thus they carry the tag of the highest star factor with themselves.



  1. Richie Rich stars: With 20.8 billion USD net worth, Mukesh Ambani stands on the pinnacle of the richest men in India. In comparison to this, King Khan’s opulence speaks for itself. He is the richest Indian actor with a net worth of $600 million. I’ll call them the Richie Rich of their departments! They’ve earned millions and billions of dollars and with that they’ve earned the most precious jewel i.e. fame. Dollars and fame is what they adorn with grace!


richir rich cartoon fly

  1. Antilia and Mannat: Antilia sits on Mumbai’s tony Altamount Road and it costed an estimated $1 billion to build. This 27 story residential skyscraper is the lavish and the most expensive home of Mukesh Ambani.

SRK lives near the seashore at Bandstand in Bandra, Mumbai. In 2001, he bought a Heritage bungalow from the Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust, which he renamed “MANNAT”. “Mannat” means “a Vow to the Gods”. In 2005, SRK built a 6 storey building behind his bungalow at Bandstand. Mannat is as extravagant as Antilia.

So to compliment their riches both of them have resplendent and magnificent residence!




  1. Family Status: Now surprisingly, these two stars have a common family status too. SRK is leading a happy life with his “wife and three children”. Mukesh Ambani on the other hand is also blessed with a beautiful family comprising of “one wife and three children”. Their similar family status makes the comparison even stronger.



  1. Car lovers: SRK has always dreamt high and thus he possesses highly prized properties be it residence or cars. A range of deluxe fancy cars ornaments his list of properties. Bentley, Audi and BMW are some of the luxurious cars in the list. Ambani has a proclivity for European cars. Also he owns Bentley, Mercedes, Maybach which are some of his exorbitant cars. This reflects their fondness for expensive cars.


srk 7 series


  1. Excellent business sense: Ambani no doubt is the best businessman of his time. Well Srk’s excellent business sense is like an icing on the cake of comparisons and linkages! Co- owner of an IPL cricket team ( Kolkata Knight Riders ) and owner of Red Chillies Entertainment, SRK knows his business well and he has made all possible attempts to make it profitable. Also a movie needs to be marketed prior to and after its release. All promotional activities of SRK movies are just a highlight to his outstanding business skills. The linking makes a lot of sense here!




  1. Movie buffs: SRK has been a movie buff since his childhood. His extreme endearment for movies urged him to enter Bollywood and thus turn into the King. Mukesh Ambani is also an avid movie watcher. Although unlike SRK he didn’t want to become an actor but his love for movies admonished him to build a 50 seat theatre in his house!



  1. Awards and Honours:


Ambani is Ranked 5th best performing CEO in the world by Harvard Business Review in its ranking of top 50 global CEOs. He has been awarded “Businessman Of The Year” award several times.


He has received 14 Filmfare Awards from 30 nominations. Khan has won the Filmfare Best Actor award for Baazigar (1993), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), Dil To Pagal Hai (1997), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Devdas (2002), Swades (2004), Chak De! India (2007) and My Name Is Khan (2010). At times, he has garnered as many as three of the five total Filmfare Best Actor nominations.

SRK and Mukesh Ambani both are one of the most decorated actors and business person in India with several prestigious awards to their names.

Having chalked out 8 points to link SRK and Mukesh Ambani, I wrap up and I leave you all to build more such quirky and out of the box links between the two because “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”.



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