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Lindsay Lohan- The High and Low of LiLo


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Source: Google Images

Crossing my living room to grab the morning paper, I see a familiar face flash across the television. Is it really her ? After all this time? And then my doubts are confirmed as I see her name ‘Lindsay’ emblazoned in a bright gold, with a dark, almost black background. Maybe that’s how her future will be.

It takes me back to 2002, when a 7 year old me saw her for the first time in ‘The Parent Trap’ and instantly fell in love with both of her versions, the notion of a British accent and summer camps in general. Then I identified with her in ‘Freaky Friday’, and it had me set out on a fortune cookie hunt. ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ was forgettable, and with that I thought I’d outgrown my LiLo phase.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

And then bam, she hit us with ‘Mean Girls’. The Tina Fey scripted movie was SO fetch. The limit, to which it affected our lingo, does not exist. It gave us gold. Quotes such as “Ex-boyfriends are off-limits to friends. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism.” and “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” went on to become anthems. This movie managed to break down the elitist Queen Bee culture. I feel it sort of set the stage for High School Musical and Gossip Girl to amass the fan-following that they did. It earned Lindsay  Lohan several MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards and made her soar above Ashley Tisdale and Hillary Duff. She equaled Miley Cyrus in popularity. With her music albums out, she became a bona fide star. So far, so good. Grool !

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

And then came the fall from graces for our Disney Girl. Her wild party lifestyle made Lohan instant tabloid fodder, from her father’s prison scandals to rumors of her own struggles with bulimia. Alcohol addiction, multiple rehab stints, possession of drugs, there was a slew of encounters with the law. After the experience she released a statement saying: “It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs”. Then she decided to stay sober and out of LA’s limelight. She made headlines again in 2008, however, for revealing that she was in a long-term same-sex relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson and her on-off friendship with Paris Hilton. When you don’t have good friends at least you have your family to turn to. Well, not if their last name is Lohan. Lindsay’s family has probably caused more damaged than they’ve actually helped. With a mother, father and sister, desperate for fame Lindsay Lohan hasn’t received much support from home.

It had officially become impossible to view her acting separately from her personal life. Hollywood has a tendency to build women stars up to watch them crumble. It’s happened with Winona Ryder, Miley Cyrus and LiLo. We’ve put Jennifer Lawrence up on the pedestal next. Lindsay, though invited a lot of troubles on herself. Young fame destroyed her, as has been the case with many (I know you’re thinking Justin Beiber). But Lindsay Lohan is the first child star victim in the Twitter world. She became famous when social media exploded, and she was everywhere.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Between being embroiled in various controversies, there were a few counts of special appearances in Ugly Betty, Glee and 2 Broke Girls. Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie Sheen also got her a part in Anger Management, where she played herself. But the spark that seemed to make Lindsay’s characters come alive was replaced with glassy eyes and melodramatic acting.  Her one redeeming quality was her talent, and she is wasting that.

The troubled starlet has been very public in the last few years about her mission to rebuild her image and career after a series of legal and personal troubles, and she recently revealed much of her little-seen private life in a miniseries documentary called Lindsay on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It’s now being aired in India on TLC, every Friday and Saturday night at 10. That’s what the advertisement was for, that dusted off my Lindsay Lohan memories. The reviews say that the show seems to have cast Lindsay as even more of a disappointment than she was seen as before. Instead of raising her profile and showing redemption after a rehab stay, the show displayed a petulant 27-year-old incapable of taking responsibility.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Now, Lindsay is determined to share her life in an autobiography, and she wants ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author E.L. James to help her do it (Her first choice was J.K. Rowling, which didn’t work out). The actress has met with publishers and literary agents, reportedly promising stories that would shock them all.

“I’m done with mug shots and I’m ready for an Oscar” she says. And I believe her and am praying for a triumphant return of this prodigal child star. When she says she wants to stop drinking and improve her life, you believe her – no many how many times you’ve heard it before. The world is tired of watching her fail. Maybe she needs a good role. Or maybe she just needs to grow up. No matter what it is, Lindsay needs to realize that the high- schoolers who watched Mean Girls have become adults, and we want her to succeed. However, we also want her to grow up with us.

I suppose, my main reason for writing this article is because Lindsay has been such a huge part of our lives, from the cute and innocent childhood in Parent Trap to the awkward and fumbling teenager in Mean Girls, trying to find a place to fit in and then on to the challenges of a newly adult life with Chapter 27 and Georgia Rule. But, I guess somewhere down the line she forgot herself and what made so many of us youngsters connect to her. Before Miley or Amanda or Justin there was Lindsay Lohan. The celebrity life can be very hard and invasive, this we have all heard, but Lindsay might be the poster child for all that can go wrong if you don’t watch yourself and if you don’t have the necessary and needed support. Maybe if she too had gotten the support and love from her family she would have already had her Oscar.

But oh well, better late than never. I truly do wish her the best for her future and hope that she can redeem her successful career once more and with that she might also get on to a more healthy path in her life.

It’s about time Lindsay, take charge of your life, and steer it clear of the murky waters of your past. Take a hint or two from Robert Downey Jr. if you please ! He turned his life around. You can do it too !

By- Navni Bhatia


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