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Age of first generation wearable technology


By Nikita Rana

From Rotary to cordless to feature to touch to bendable…Mighty innovations have brought revolutions in the mobile phones segment. Bendable TVs have undoubtedly created new scopes in the television segment. We live in an era where new technologies are being born at the same pace as children being born every second and an era where previous technologies are immediately rendered dead as a dodo.

But that is not all, hold your breath because next innovation is already in the line, not just, to capture our imagination but to literally rule our mind, body and heart.

Thought of a wrist band checking your sleep quality or a device counting your foot-steps, or a mattress that examine your heart rate….? Well, Welcome to the world of wearable tech devices that will scrutinize our day from early morning walk to the sound night sleep.

The Wearable technology is still in its infancy with smart-watches, google glass etc. being in the list of the first-generation wearable devices.

Smart-watch is the first device reaching out to mass-market. While Apple is hiding its light under a bushel, Sony, pebble, Samsung and many other have come up with their smart watches.

Samsung Galaxy gear and Sony Smartwatch 2 are hair-splittingly close when it comes to functionality. Camera and S Voice being the additional features in Samsung galaxy gear. While Samsung Galaxy gear is compatible only with some of the Samsung’s flagship devices until further updates are launched, Sony smartwatch 2 is compatible with any other high end android based smart-phone. Priced at almost double the Sony smart watch 2, Samsung galaxy gear is nothing but daylight robbery.

While, these watches are being sold by companies inducing people that these will save time but the extent to which they do so is actually a question mark..? I mean you look at your watch to check the time but end up checking a lot more things and eventually time would be the last thing you check…


Moreover smart watch technology suffers with its own glitches; it has not been able to capture audience. A lot of concerted efforts are needed to improve it further so that it justifies the claim to make our lives easier and simpler. Cost is another major factor demotivating public to go for a device that performs functions which their smartphones a few inches away in their pockets can do. People are finding them nothing but hill of beans!!

Moreover typical Indians are resistant to change. They will not ditch their Seiko, Rado digital watches and go for such smart watches unless they are tech-savvy, early adopters in the market and raking in money.

Google X’s flagship device in wearable technology Google glass, a testimony to tech-gizmos has surely unleashed new avenues in this field. Available commands on it include: google, take a picture, record a video, get directions, send a message and make a call.

While Wearable technology still has mountains to climb, let’s have a glimpse of top wearable devices unveiled at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014, held at Las Vegas.

1. Have a look at your mini-doctor cum wristband in the coming future!

The Nabu, a wristband that acts like a fitness tracker but also serves up notifications, texts and emails like a smartwatch, was displayed at the Razer booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

2.  Will tech-necklaces replace our traditional diamond and gold jewellery….??

CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) showcased pendant-style connected necklaces that enable the user to customise the colour and brightness emitted to suit their mood or to coordinate with a particular   outfit. It also alerts users to new notifications on their smartphones.

3. Ever thought of getting a check-up while humming a tune with your earphones on??

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich showed off the Intel smart ear-buds that provide full stereo audio, monitor heart rate and pulse all while the applications on the user’s phone keep track of run distance and calories burned.

4. It is the time to Dump your Adidas socks and check these out!!

Heapsylon CEO, Davide Vigano, showed a prototype of the smart sock at CES 2014. A bio-sensing smart sock that will measure your force and pressure, can track activity (steps, calories, speed), measure cadence, detect foot landing technique, and monitor balance.


All that was considered as nothing but utopian dreams in past will be reality in the coming future.

What are your views regarding this innovative technology? Chime in with comments and questions!



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