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The Life Of Football: 2014



As we sit down and look back at our year, playing back those memories in our heads, the moments that defined 2014, it would be fair to assume that the one thing common in every sports fan’s 2014 movie would be June-July, Brazil. If you’re one of those people, this is enough for you to understand what I’m referring to. It’s the Football World Cup of course!

During the FIFA Football World Cup, for 30 odd days, the world is one big celebration. People have an extremely valid excuse to not turn in assignments, go late to work, or even no go at all. For what better reason than the Football World Cup?!

If the host country lies in the same time zone as you, you’re allowed to wake when the sun rises and sleeps when there is darkness. If you’re half way across the world, the sun, with its infinite watt light, is your biggest enemy and well, the moonlight is your sunshine. Sleep patterns change; night becomes day and day becomes night. Every day life follows the simple routine: Eat, Sleep, Watch, Repeat.

I think I speak for all of us, thus, when I say that the Football World Cup was the biggest sports event in 2014. So it’s only fair to revisit it one more time, before we draw the curtains on this wonderful year.


In no particular order, let’s throw focus on what stood out:



The World Cup was held in Brazil, with venues including the beautiful cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The few-second glimpses shown in between matches were something everyone glued to their television sets looked forward to! The host team got off to a rough start, but bounced back and finished in the top four.



Adidas Brazuca

Every World Cup, the official match ball keeps changing, and this time it was the Adidas Brazuca! The term described national pride for the Brazilians and reflects their approach to life and football, symbolysing emotion, pride and goodwill. Its name is not the only thing that relates it to Brazil. The ball has a multi-colour design referenced from the traditional Brazilian wish bracelet.



La La La and We Are One (Ole Ola)

These songs defined the world cup; every goal scored, every commercial break, every celebration, they were there throughout! What is more is that apart from all the competition on the football field, these two songs were also constantly competing with each other. What matched your taste? J-Lo and Pitbull’s “We Are One” or Shakira’s “La La La”?



The Cooling Breaks

This is something us Indians, used to tolerating abnormally high temperatures would easily relate to. Due to the high temperatures in Brazil, official “cooling breaks” were introduced. Breaks took place half an hour into each half. For the players sweating it out in the heat, they were a big respite.




There would have been very few surprised faces when Germany emerged victorious. Although they barely inched past Argentina, score late into extra time, with the talent and class on their side, a World Cup Win was well deserved. They were a well balanced team, from a wonderful goalkeeper to a breathtaking forward attack. They broke some hearts, but also won many over.



It’s time for the countdown. Not 2015, 2018. Unfortunately, it’s a long wait. If only we could jump into a time machine and land straight in Russia in 2018!




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