Let the Flame Ignite – SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS 2014 !!

08sochi-hp-jumboAfter seven years of building to this moment — the opening  of the most expensive Olympic Games    ( 7 to 23  feburary 2014)   in history revealed  the message  in a big way that RUSSIA is back with a bang.

With spectacular  lights, floats and flying, Russia kicked off the opening ceremony in SOCHI as the world glued their eyes to the most expensive event  (whopping $51 billion). I can believe now, such expenses can only be incurred by countries like Russia and China at the cost of their tax payers  unlike democracies like India.

Most of the ceremony focuses heavily on Russian classical music as producers of the ceremony believed in focusing on what Russia is best known for musically around the world rather than boasting a plethora of famous world- known pop performers.

Performers are seen during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

  But even Russia faced all such problems which India faced just  few days before common wealth games.Yes,  there were complaints about poisonous tap  water and packs of stray dogs entering  unlockable rooms . Everywhere someone doesn’t like the food, someone doesn’t like  the hotel, someone thinks the mattress is too hard, etc.   Not only this, there were many controversies and concerns like   lack of political stability and governance and the safety and human rights of  LGBT  athletes, supporters and journalists, in light of Russia’s anti-gay laws, which have sparked days of Olympic protests of Russian anti-gay laws.

Even when the ceremony began there was a small glitch ( wardrobe malfunction :p )  when one of the five giant electronic snowflakes failed to transform into an olympic ring.


In spite of all these tiny but not too ignorant flaws, there is a lot Russia has in its store to showcase us, whether it is their immense talent , zest and zeal of their athletes or a true man spirit. Like every hit bollywood  masala movie , we hope that this year brings great success to Russia and Sochi Winter Olympics becomes a trademark in the history .



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