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let it be

Its seems very simple to feel pathetic, mundane and dejected. And simply just say, ‘let it be’.  How easy, it feels to just give up and think that everything would have no effect now. Life would be smooth….


Sorry, to break your bubble. But sadly, that’s not how things work. Agreed, that there comes a time when everything seems out of control and you feel helpless. When all you wish for is a cosy, comfortable bed and an uninterrupted sleep. All that you wish for is, that when you get, the world has set itself right. This is life. It’s similar to a maze, where you have unexpected turns, sometimes surprising you and other times saddening you. You’ll have downs, only to go up. Because something that falls, always rises. It’s not a philosophical point of view, its mere physics. Despite having all worldly knowledge, why do we still manage to fail? Why do we fail in relationships, tasks and well, everything for that matter? Simply, because life isn’t a straight line, which distinguishes clearly between where you start and where you end. It’s more than that. It’s not about being moral or phlegmatic. It’s about being strong enough to break down and get up again. Even Roger Federer cries when he loses a match. Does that show that he’s weak? No, it just shows that even a legend like him, is a human, who cries when it hurts.  If you feel that in the madness of the world, you’ll be able to hide your feelings in a formidable place, then, surely, there’ll come a time when everything will crash.


The ‘let it be’ attitude comes back.  Only, because we are humans. As hard as we try to shrugger our emotions, they stay inside you. They pile up. They might take a backseat for a while, in which you think you’ve become successful in getting rid of them. But they come back. With full vigour and power. Such, that, it breaks you wholly, into the smallest fragments possible.


So the simplest solution? Let out your feelings as they come. Don’t hoard them. Cry when everything seems crazy. Laugh when you feel ecstatic. Sigh after a long day of work. Just don’t ‘let it be’. Take things in your hand, so that in the end of it, you know you are responsible for your situation. Guide situations. Don’t let situations guide you.


Even after reading everything, you feel that you are just going to ‘let it be’, then just SMILE. Fake it, but smile. It suits your face. It’ll turn real in no time.



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