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The festivities are over, but the celebration prevails. That is what sets ‘Garvi Gujarat’ apart from the rest of the country. Gujaratis need a reason to celebrate, and what better reason could there be other than Navratri itself? The festival of nine-nights is a true representation of the heart and soul of Gujarat. It is celebrates more than just the devotion towards God. It celebrates life.

The girls dress up in colours of red, blue, and yellow. Each of these colours represents a different mood of Gujarat. The red symbolising the warmth of the people, yellow highlighting the energy and blue reflecting the soothing atmosphere that is created by having so many people around. The Chaniya Cholis are bordered with mirrors, which reflect the rich culture of Gujarat and also flash light across the surroundings to symbolise the zest for life.

Navratri helps to bring out the energy in Gujarat. The loud music is a reflection of the boisterous life that Gujaratis lead. Their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life can be seen when they continue to dance till five a.m. in the morning for nine nights at a stretch. Garba and Dandiya raas locations are hang out places to meet new people. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what you do, all that counts, is that you can move to the groove. This represents a key trait that is prevalent in Gujaratis, that is, they are very open to new people and are hospitable to all those who cross their path. It also brings in to light the trait of being fun-loving and being open to celebrations of all kinds.

As much as people mock the way in which Gujaratis speak English, one has to appreciate how well they have upheld their culture. Their attachment towards their language is immense, and the calling of ‘Haalo re Haalo’ is not uncommon in Garba gatherings. The Garba songs have been modified in order to keep up with the fast pace at which the world is changing. The beats of rock music have been incorporated, highlighting how adaptable Gujaratis are towards different cultures and how open they are to change. I guess Amitabh Bachchan isn’t wrong in urging you to explore ‘khushboo Gujarat ki’.


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