Surat, Aug 23: The growth of independent and new age creators owes a great deal to the digital space, which has grown exponentially. There are multiple instances of small but creative, affordable and dependable brands which are gaining popularity among the customer base. Label by VP, a clothing startup by Mumbai based Vishal Prajapati, has met with a warm welcome in the market, especially for his stylish, minimalist, quirky and easy-going fabric products. Stepping up their business model with plans of growth and expansion, Vishal Prajapati has taken on board Pratik Borate, an experienced and versatile Head of Marketing. Prior to this business partnership, Prajapati and Borate have worked together on projects which then pushed for a formal work relationship. The duo’s partnership is aimed at increasing the brand value of Label by VP as well Vishal Prajapati himself. Borate, who brings with him years of expertise in marketing and working on digital promotion and influencer industry, will lead the charge on the business model front. Together they plan to make both the brand and entrepreneur a value name. 

Expressing his zeal to work with Borate, Vishal Prajapati said, “I know Pratik’s work and his diligent work ethic. I am glad that he agreed to work with us. Having him on board is a personal and professional achievement. It is the trust and enthusiasm which he brings with himself that pushed us to collaborate.” 

Dr. Pratik Borate commented on similar lines in addition to addressing the importance of digital marketing, saying, “We are living in a digital space which offers us ample opportunities if only we are aware enough to exploit them. Vishal has built a space for himself in clothing, and this collaboration is in place to increase that space and make us a mainstream brand. Vishal in himself should be able to evolve as a brand value, and this is what we are simply aiming for.”

Shubham Patil, Brand Manager at Label VP, also welcomed the collaboration reiterating the possibilities it brings with it. He said, “Vishal and Pratik know their own field well and having Pratik on our team strengthens our marketing plans and executions. Together we are aiming for simple but solid goals, and hopefully, we will achieve them keeping in touch with our timeline. With the right team and no bounds to creativity, Label by VP can very well place itself on the map by exploiting the resources at hand.”

Label by VP is a clothing brand founded and led by Vishal Prajapati in 2020, and it is the most popular printed shirts brand in India. 



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