The power that influential celebrities have over the lives of common people is extraordinary. From eons now, the world has been bananas about the Kardashians. They’ve got a crazy following around the world, even in India.

Doesn’t Kareena Kapoor endorsing Lakme or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan endorsing Loreal make you want to try those?

Similarly, the world takes “Keeping up with the Kardashians” very seriously and thus the Kardashians have got the power to make everything they wear or apply on their faces and bodies, look like a trend.

Lip fillers, cosmetic injections, and plastic surgeries have become the norm of the day for most celebrities (even in Bollywood).

Kylie Jenner had gotten lip fillers in mid-2015 because she was insecure about her small lips. Again, later, it was Kylie Jenner who made big lip pouts a worldwide trend.

She even makes millions of dollars selling lipsticks through her brand Kylie Cosmetics, which is a huge success, just like Sonam Kapoor’s Rheson is in India.

Clearly, Kylie really fancies her lips and appearances, and it is the cosmetically improved look that made her famous.

Kylie Jenner had even resorted to a reduction in lip fillers in 2017


However, now, Kylie Jenner has taken a bold step of removing all her lip fillers and embracing her natural beauty. She even admitted that currently, she is not pursuing any other plastic surgery methods or cosmetic injections.

Kylie shared a photo of herself with her friend Anastasia Karanikou on Instagram. The post is flooded with comments about how her lips look smaller and different, yet fabulous!

It was to one such comment, which stated that she looked “like the old Kylie”, Kylie responded, “I got rid of all my fillers”.

Even Courteney Cox had removed all her fillers about a year ago and said yes to embracing natural beauty and old age.

Courtney Cox before and after removing botox


It was only a year and a half ago, that Anushka Sharma made news by undergoing a lip surgery. Many are of the opinion that it practically spoilt how she looked.

In the earliest days of the surgery, she couldn’t carry it off, and so it pretty much looked like a disaster. Now, even though she manages to pull off a pretty charming smile, we still miss her adorable natural smile!

And she isn’t the only one, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai and most other Bollywood actors and actresses are known for not being able to carry off how they naturally look and undergoing plastic surgeries for perfecting their looks.

Now that Kylie Jenner has thrown in some light, let’s see how these stars react.


It is quite evident now that the aim of a perfect face and body is a mad rush. All the magazines that have set overly edited impractical beauty standards are the reason why people everywhere have become so insecure about their natural selves.

These vain beauty standards are the reason why Botox treatments, lip fillers, and other cosmetic surgeries have made their way into the market, making everyone look more “plastic” day by day as if the already existing makeup and cosmetics market wasn’t enough.

Even in India, there’s a particular set standard of beauty: fair, slim, with long hair, appropriate height, this and that. There’s a huge market for fairness creams and weight loss medicines.

The designers, too, reject on working with models with slightly dark features, the most recent example would be the story of Renee Kujur.


It’s a genuine hope that more and more people start realizing how big a pit the chase of perfect beauty is because everybody is unique.

Instead of covering our insecurities, it is time we start loving them and showing them off to the world, just as influential celebrities in the west are gradually learning to do so.

With such influential people in the west turning towards natural beauty again, is it safe to say that embracing natural beauty is the new trend?

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Image Sources: Google

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