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Korea Wood Panel Association (KWPA) introduces the best wood panel manufacturers in Korea


Korea Wood Panel Association (KWPA) was established in 1963, and has been contributing to the healthy growth of Korea’s wood industry, including wood panels, PB, MDF and overseas reforestation. The Association has prepared a program whereby it will collect information on the best wood panel manufacturers in Korea and provide this to overseas customers. The online brochure, available at, contains information on the following companies.

Donghwa Group: Specialized company in wood quality for 70 years. First in PB and M/S nationally. Best producer of MDF in Asia. Global company that has production facilities in Vietnam, Australia and Finland, etc. Main products include particle board, fiberbaord, floorboard, film, resin, etc.

Seongchang Industry: Established in 1959. The most well-known business in plywoods. Eco-friendly company with FSC certification. Preparing to go global by participating in reforestation project in New Zealand and taking over a plywood factory in Myanmar. Main products include plywood, fiberboard, lumber, etc.

Unid: Producer and seller of medium-density fiberboard. After taking over MDF unit of Cheonggu logistics in 1992, it now has the capacity to produce more than 500,000m2 worth of products. 1st in market shares in Korea. Main products include fiberboard, lumber, wood, etc.

Foresco: Established in 1976. Built the first dry hardboard factory in South Korea. ISO9001 certified. KOREAN STANDARDS certified in 2005. In 2012, commercialized NAF MDF (first in the world) and produced COLORED MDF (first in Asia). Obtained CE certification in 2015. JIS certified in 2016. Main products include wood for interior products, bathroom and kitchen furnitures

Hansolhomedeco: Established in 1991. Spawned from the process of business diversification of Hansol Paper, through wood supply and overseas reforestation, in 1993. In 1995, established the largest single line MDF factory in the world. Main products include fiberboard, floorboard, lumber, etc.

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