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‘Khalil Uddin’ the most influential individual in the Political Social Media Strategical arena


Khalil is The Youngest Political Social Media Strategist in the entire nation at the age of 27.

He started his journey from the very young years of his school; by working for the Samajwadi Party under the guidance and leadership of Mr Akhilesh Yadav.

He not only works with them but he is also one of the founder’s of The ‘Digital force’ of their party (Samajwadi Party).

In the present time of a world pandemic where there has been a great amount of public panic.

Corona Virus is not just a public health emergency but the crisis goes far beyond that. 

Khalil understood his very responsibility as an active citizen and understood that our immediate priority must be protecting people from the pandemic and containing it’s spread while also ensuring food security and preventing more people to fall below poverty line (BPL).

Keeping this very thought in mind Khalil and his team initiated a campaign, keeping its slogan ‘KOI BHI NA PARESHAAN HONE PAAYE, KOI BHI NA BHOOKHA SONE PAAYE’ that translates to ‘No brother should be troubled, no brother should sleep deprived of food’.

This initiative surely should be immensely appreciated.

He proved to be a role model for so many youngsters out there.

The campaign was so large scale that they served around 5 Crore people in need, starting from a social media platform targeting the whole of Uttar Pradesh and finally being successful.

He believes that it is very important to be a kind individual more than anything and expects more and more people to get inspired.

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