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How Kesha Is Leading Fight Against Sexual Abuse.


By Jinelle D’souza

Strong people are as strong because of the trying times they’ve been put through.

Kesha is an example of such people.

What is the case about?

Pop-party princess Kesha filed a case against her alleged abuser and also her music producer, Dr Luke on October 14, 2014. She claims that she has been abused sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally for years after signing with him at the age 18. Dr Luke has denied all charges.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 29: Kesha attends The Humane Society Of The United States 60th Anniversary Benefit Gala held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 29, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

The case that began in 2014 had a recent hearing on 19th February where New York Supreme Court Justice, Shirley Kornreich, denied a request for a preliminary injunction by stating, “There has been no showing of irreparable harm. She’s being given an opportunity to record.” The preliminary injunction would have allowed the singer to record outside of her contract with her producer, Dr Luke and to sever ties with her record label Kemosabe, a subsidiary of Sony and free her from the six album contract she is committed with Dr Luke.

Shattered by the ruling given by Kornreich, Kesha couldn’t help but break down into tears in court. After the hearing, the singer said, “All I ever wanted was to be able to make music without being afraid, scared or abused.”


Recent Updates:

The judge’s recent ruling has caused an uproar. The singer has been receiving huge support from her fans. Her fans organised the #FreeKesha campaign, which was also trending on the internet. They also organised a  protest rally outside the court conducting the hearing, to fight for the singer. There were such protests outside the Sony building as well, where the fans were chanting slogans like “Free Kesha Now”, ‘Drop Luke to Free Kesha’.

Response from Hollywood:

She’s been getting support from many artists in the music industry as well. Adele stated that she “publicly supports Kesha” in her BRIT Awards acceptance speech. Taylor Swift supports Kesha and agreed to help Kesha after the court ruling, Taylor’s spokesperson wrote- “In a show of support, Taylor Swift has donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.” And also many others like Lady Gaga, Lorde, Grimes, Lily Allen, Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson who have taken to Twitter to publicly support the singer.


“There are people all over the world who love you Kesha,” Gaga wrote.

“And I can say truly I am in awe of your bravery.”

“Standing with Kesha through this traumatic, deeply unfair time,” added Lorde. “Send good vibes her way, everyone.”

Demi Lovato wrote a series of powerful tweets supporting Kesha and exemplifying women empowerment. “#FreeKesha. This is only gonna make you stronger, you brave and beautiful girl,” Lovato wrote. “Prayers are with you. Frustrating to see women come forward with their past only to be shot down, not believed and disrespected for their bravery in taking action. Happens way too often. I’m ready for women to be taken just as seriously as men. Someone tell me why anyone would ever feel brave enough to come forward if they are most likely to be ignored or called a liar?”

This case could be a long, hard road, to any decisions being taken or that show any kind of clarity anytime soon, hence, fans will likely not to hear a follow-up for at least another year, and very possibly longer. After the decision on 19th, the court will work slowly as each side presents their evidence in this legal dispute.

The Ruling:

The next step is that each side will turn in their demands by March 21st. According to the court’s schedule, that’s just an initial step towards the singer getting her day in court.

And there’s a possibility that the two may agree to settle the suit before trial, as it’s damaging to both Kesha’s career and Luke’s reputation. And now, the both prepare for far future trial date that may have a huge impact on both their lives.

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