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Kejriwal had a great fall?


By Sweta Sharma

pic3_021414114326This feeling is hard to explain…although I am not an ardent follower of Delhi’s Ex-chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, but this seems to the worst nightmare for millions of Delhites. So what was the reason behind the sad demise of power packed, action filled Aam Aadmi Party? Well he shouldn’t have made such an outrageous slander against highly reputed, honorable people! Ain’t it? He has the guts to come forth and speak against Rahul Gandhi, against Modi, but as he opened up his mouth against one of the biggest honchos of business world, it proved to be the last few hours for his government.

Now congress politicians and Ambanis have done a thousands of sins and anybody would cheer any serious attempt to nab them, BUT it should be based on a solid ground, backed by evidence, not a silly conspiracy theory based on falsehoods. Kejriwal needs to learn the play of politics if he wants to withstand millions of hopes. It’s not just about dharnas anymore…if he has dared to stand against corruption, nab it by its neck, he needs to come up with a plan. Gone are the days when the saying – ‘Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit’…Instead opposite needs to be done! We know about his ‘honest politics’ agenda, but one shouldn’t skip the age old proverb-‘Fire kills Fire’.

He was given the chance to head the Delhi population of 1.5 crore to fight away the proliferating bureaucracy and corruption. So he should have made his facts clear so as to hit the bull’s eye. He has filed an FIR accusing petroleum minister Veerappa Moily of conspiring with Chairman & Managing Director, RIL, Mukesh Ambani to raise the price of Natural Gas, bestowing billions of windfall profit in Reliance Industries Ltd. He might be right on accusing him of doing so. But the facts like 2/3rd share of ONGC in gas production can’t be overlooked, which is a Public Sector Enterprise. Reliance accounts barely 10% of gas production. Many civil servants like TSR Subramaniam have launched a Public Interest suit accusing RIL of jacking up the exploration cost in Krishna-Godavari field to benefit from higher cost recovery. But all this was done on bogus technical grounds. The real motive being to conserve gas till the prices go up in April 2014. Reliance should be penalized if found guilty, but that has nothing to do with appropriate price for gas, which relates to all gas producers not just RIL. In return V.Moily has filed an FIR against kejriwal accusing him of having anti-national elements, links between Kejriwal and Jihadis, as he’s out there to benefit Qatar, a country that has sent huge sums to Jihadis fighting in Syria. WOW! AMAZING! Was the pepper incidence any lesser to mud India’s name globally? Our politicians are all out to sell our nation at the cost of our respect across the globe.

Well with the tyranny of Delhi over, comes the turn of the whole nation. These 49 adventurous days of Kejriwal government surely shook the deep rooted tree of corruption watered by decades of duopoly of BJP and Congress. For the coming LS polls, he needs to pull up his socks– be more practical. Wave is at the door…the Kejriwal fell down in Delhi, but it’ll be reconstructed with better tactful and diplomatic cement at the centre. It’s just the darkest hour before the dawn.


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