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Keeping up with the Khans


By Abhilasha

We love to watch them on screen and always have the intel on who’s dating whom, but do we actually know what these mega-stars are worth and the amount they earn?


1)      Shah Rukh Khan

He steals hearts everywhere he goes, and is also quite a gold digger. He was ranked 114th in the list of super rich Indians world over with personal wealth exceeding $400 million in October 2013. His lavish abode in Bandra, Mumbai is worth 155 crores. He is the owner of 6 bungalows in UK, 3 apartments in USA and receives in abundance the most generous gifts from friends and acquaintances. Recently, he was gifted a spectacular villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai and a beautiful black Buggati. He started two production companies namely Dreamz Unlimited and Red Chillies Entertainment and owns them along with wife Gauri Khan. The actor is also the owner of some of the most luxurious and expensive wheels including the Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe and the BMW 7 series. Well rightly said, he is truly the “king” of bollywood.

2)      Salman Khan

He is perhaps the most popular actor and a favourite among the masses, especially the ladies. Salman Khan has the reputation of being one of the greatest philanthropists in the Indian film industry and lends his star power to a number of notable causes. The most notable among them is “Being Human” foundation which funds healthcare and education for the under-privileged. With a net worth of about $200 million, Salman has starred in some of the biggest hits and a large number of TV commercials as well. His house in Mumbai is also worth some 110 crores, he seems to be a speed junky and owns machines which give mind blowing speed such as the Audi R8 and Q7. He also owns the Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ and Hayabusa, having an inherent passion for two wheeled beauties. Sallu bhai definitely sports his very own style!

3)      Aamir Khan

His straight face and dead pan looks make him ever so adorable, packed together with an amazing ability to act. He is one of the finest actors of the industry with a net worth of about $180 million. He’s been the face for many endorsements and also hosted the show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ along with giving a large number of blockbusters. His residence in Shahabad spans over 5000 sq. Feet and he is the owner of a Bentley Continental: Grey Edition and a Rolls Royce worth 3.11 crore. Don’t go by the face, they all have a lot of uncountable eggs in their baskets.


4)      Saif Ali Khan

He is not just mega movie star but also the Nawab of Pataudi. This lad with the blue blood has net earnings of 65.5 crores and a net worth of about $40 million. Saif has endorsed a number of big names such as Lays, Appy Fizz, Asian Paints and Taj Mahal Tea, and also acted in superhits such a Dil Chahta Hai, Kal Ho Na Ho and Cocktail. He owns a sprawling mansion in the royal city of Pataudi and drives around in a stunning Audi R8, Mercedes Benz and Ford Mustang GT. From his clothes, his cars to his properties and royal escapades, the Nawab of Pataudi proves that he is in every sense of the word- a true Nawaab.

So, that’s how much they actually earn, each of them individually! If you club them all together, India could probably be heading towards complete eradication of poverty.



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