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KBC : Is baar dil jeete jaayenge!!



The eighth season of a marvellous show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ is going to be on air in august. The show has had high TRPs always, we all know but it has always been a ray of hope for a normal Indian household who aspire high only by the blessing of education and knowledge. The format of the show is not Indian but it has always remained in hearts of the Indian audiences. The reason might be Amitabh Bachhan or the money but it has been 7 seasons and it has not lost its spark. The phraseology has always been the highlight. Be it ‘lock kar diya jaaye?’ , 9 baj gye kya or ‘seekhna band to jeetna band’, we still remember them all.

Every season has its own story and a different theme but this season might be an effort to change the ‘soch’ of India. The stereotypical thinking has been challenged . We all can surely witness the way our ‘eastern’ friends are treated. We want to do something but we hardly pay attention. We all know the truth but do not want to accept the reality. One of the advertisements tries to convey that we all know that those people are a part of our country but we hardly behave as fellow citizens. Jaante hum sab hai par manta koi nhi.
A recent row over ‘forced feeding’ has been portrayed so big because we still deal with Hindu and Muslims ,not as two religions but two rivals who cannot do good to each other. The other ad that comes from the house of KBC is about the age-old relationship the two communities are sharing. It rightly conveys if we belong to the same country why can’t we live happily. We can be friends, rather than fighting over those petty issues, we can learn a lot from each other.
Amitabh Bachhan has correctly said ‘‘Yahan paise hi nhi, dil bhi jeete jaate hain”. Some heart touching stories have been associated with this mega show. However, this time every episode, every contestant might teach the country a valuable lesson. The two promotional advertisements have been impressive and we hope show that it lives up to its standards.


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