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Kavindra Singh a.k.a RJ Kaavya comes up with a new series called “Stand-Up Uttarakhand”


Kavindra Singh a.k.a Kaavya comes up with another series called “Stand-Up Uttarakhand” focusing on creating /generating self-employment after the pandemic and highlighting the significance of the local produce /brands for livelihood.
The series in each episode focuses on area where local products /services can be created with minimum investment and available resources. Also, the show connects us with an expert for their advice on the same seeking for the feasibility of the idea, and creating a process for swift productions.
The motive behind the series is to make Uttarakhand “Self-reliant & Self Sufficient”. No one should walk out of the state for employment in other regions for minimum wages. There are series of episodes and each episode focuses on a new idea with local touch catering to various segments ranging from Tourism, Agriculture & Poultry, Adventure and Sports, etc.
Our mission for stand-up Uttarakhand is to re-skill and upskill our citizens to help build an economy of self-reliance and collectively create a society which help in generating employment for self and for others. During these tough times, even small amount of funds invested at the right place can bring a vast difference.
Kaavya’s next series emphases on the same concept and wishes to collectively bring changes in the society and make them understand that going forward we need to bring a change in our mindset about how we make our livelihood and how self sufficient is Uttarakhand and how we are able to support the economy as a whole.
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    ITBP is full of Nepali and Tibetan Madarchods ! What will they do ?

    There will be 2 more glacier bursts soon,and then THDC will burst !

    Making Hydro power plants in Uttarakhand is a financial and human disaster ! Indians do NOT have the IQ to make dams – in Glacial zones.

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    In the pecking order – Goa.Bania land (Rajasthan and Gujarat),Mumbai (Ghati and Bania land),Delhi (Bania Land) and then Uttarakhand ( Madarchod Land) – deserve to be nuked out and destroyed ! Inshallah !

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