KAMAN POST: A Picture Story of Barter & Peace

“Woh kehte hai yeh tera desh nahi, phir kyun mere desh jaisa lagta hai … woh kehta hai main us jaisa nahi, phir kyun mujh jaisa woh lagta hai” -Veer Zara

Kaman post is one of the highest military posts in India. It is located at Uri, Kashmir. The beauty of this place is witnessing the Barter system that happens between India and Pakistan, four days a week. The Kaman Aman Setu built by the Indian army acts like a gateway for handicrafts, spices, fruits, vegetables, travellers etc. between the two nations. As one travels to this post they are travelling along Jhelum River which is the LOC (line of control) between the two countries. This system surely brings out the hope that things can be better in the future. Here are some pictures of the place we took:

kaman post (1)

The ridge in between the mountain acts like the LINE OF CONTROL

kaman post (7)



             The Gate that separates but unites the two!

kaman post (3)

Welcome to “POK”

kaman post

           Which other country can you just walk to?


Because we don’t divide in the name of religion

kaman post (4)

Pakistan is not that far!

52 km is Gurgaon to Noida

kaman post (5)

Escape tunnels on this side.

trucks (1)

Pakistan truck be like “I’m sexy and I know it”!

trucks (11)

Beauty of Barter lies in the pretty trucks

trucks (10)

Hard works of handicraft

trucks 1

“Kitna dete hain” is Old

“Kaise dikhte hain” is the new thing

Vroom Vroom!

trucks (9)

Official district of POK – Azad Kashmir

This truck painting is a matter of pride for the Pakistani truck drivers.

 They put in their own money to buy hangings and spend time to paint and decorate their trucks.

  Salute to their Patriotism!

Do pay a visit to Kaman post at Kashmir for the sake of old traditions and new.

Pictures taken by the author: Nishita Karun


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