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Surprising Judgements That Ruled 2015


2015 was quite a year for judicial judgements. In 2015 people were quite aware regarding the happenings in our legal system. Or maybe the involvement of Bollywood made it interesting.

Let us look at some of the important or rather hyped judgements given by our courts which drew variety of opinions from the public.

  1. Innocent Salman Khan a.k.a Bhai


Our much loved Bhai was acquitted by the Bombay High Court in December 2015. He was acquitted because of lack of evidence or maybe because he has a feature of auto-pilot in his car. It was just like his movies where he could kill any number of people but still be considered a Hero by the ‘Bhaitards’.

  1. Jayalalitha’s tragedy (Acquittal)


Yet another biggie with bigger money and connections got her way. The Karnataka High Court acquitted Jayalalitha of all the charges in the disproportionate assets case because her assets exceeded less than 10% of what it was on paper. She was earlier sentenced 4 years of jail. Just like Bhai bhakts there are Amma bhakts who shed tears for her and threaten to commit suicide.

  1. NJAC Screwed


This has got to be the best rejection ever in India. The Supreme Court of India declared NJAC Act as unconstitutional because it violated the principle of Independence of Judiciary guaranteed by our Constitution. I don’t know why the Parliament was desperate for appointment of judges when they have the power to remove them. This was a blow to the NaMo Sarkar represented by Arun Jaitley (in guidance of Arnab Goswami).

  1. Education Qualifications for standing in Panchayat polls. Whaaaaaat!!


One of those decisions where you become proud of the Courts. But apparently people who were against it were like “politics ka padhai se kya relation bruh?”. The Supreme court of India upheld the judgment of Haryana High Court for having minimum educational qualification to stand for Panchayat polls. The “minimum” education required for eligibility to contest in a panchayat election is completion of matriculation in case of general candidates; completion of Class 8 for a woman candidate or a candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste; and completion of Class 5 for a Scheduled Caste woman candidate contesting for the post of ‘Panch’. Maybe politicians were hurt because it made them look “illiterate”.

  1. Bye Bye Section 66A of IT Act


Supreme Court struck down the draconian law due to which 2 girls in Bombay (Mumbai yaar) were arrested because one of them wrote a comment opposing Bal Thackeray and another one liked that comment. Now folks can comment without hesitating though commenting is old fashioned now.


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Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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