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Joys Of Reading


It'a beautiful world

‘Reading makes a full man’, says the great English essayist, Francis Bacon. People who are addicted to reading know how wonderful it feels to lose oneself into a whole new world.

Are you a die Dan fan? Then you would know that reading is such a passion that it is absolutely certain that nothing else can replace it. Books have existed from the early days of human history and have survived the onslaught of time. However books are facing stiff competition from the world of e-books. Reading offers both pleasure and information, but it is upto the reader to attain a balance between fiction reading and nonfiction, so as to be able to get the most out of this reading habit.

A person, who has developed the habit of reading, is never lonely or sad as he has books as his faithful companions.

The most wonderful that reading offers is a peep into another world. When you pick up a book and lose yourself into it, it is as if you have transcended your present situation. When I read Jaya, I find myself torn apart in the war of The Mahabharata, when I read a Dan Brown, I am amazed by the mix of intricate true historical facts and fiction and this journey goes on.

This temporary escape from our routine life is of great significance when it comes to our mental health. To be able to forget our problems for sometimes is not only healthy, it is essential too, if one wants to keep one’s sanity intact. No wonder it is an excellent form of recreation anytime, anywhere. Reading your favorite author beneath the desk surely helps us to survive the lectures and I think most of us would have tried it by now!

Reading is a great imagination booster and helps develop a sense of creativity. When one is spinning a whole new world in mind, one is actually creating something new with complete concentration and focus, that too without much conscious effort. This develops in us the significant trait of focusing. Studies have revealed that consistent reading helps in developing communication and thinking skills.

Don’t ever forget the words of Sir Richard Steele, who said, “Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body.”



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