The Uttarakhand tunnel collapse resulted in around 40 mine workers getting trapped inside a section of the under-construction tunnel from Silkyara to Dandalgaon on the Brahmakhal-Yamunotri National Highway (NH).

But finally, in a move that has led to major relief across the country, on Tuesday, November 28th, the workers were rescued and led to safety. Almost 17 days of relentless effort and struggle by many people, agencies and rat miners especially where they worked day and night to get these people out alive has worked out.

After several days of rescue operations with modern equipment failed to bring results, the officials then turned to rat-hole mining in order to get the miners out to safety.

The rat-hole mining is a more labour intensive and olden form of coal extraction where the rat-hole miners would manually dig away at the debris collected by creating narrow holes in the ground that were just large enough for a single person to go through. Around 12 or so of these “rat-hole miners” or “rat miners” who kept digging away around the clock are majorly the cause of the labourers getting out safely.

In the midst of this, journalist Sagarika Ghose posted something that did not sit well with some people.

What Happened With The Journalist?

On 28th November, journalist Sagarika Ghose posted on her X/Twitter feed about the rescuers from the Uttarakhand tunnel collapse rescue mission and highlighted some names from it.

She wrote “The roll of honour of rescuers at #UttarakhandTunnelRescue: DG NDRF Atul Karwal, Lt Gen. Harpal Singh, Syed Ata Hasnain of NDMA, Mahmood Ahmed, managing director NHIDCL, Cyriac Joseph of Squadrone, and rat hole miners, from India’s poorest sections, among them Wakeel Khan and Munna Quraishi.

Politicians are intent on dividing us, but it is when India rises above divisive identities, that India can move even a mountain.”

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Her words did not appeal to some people who tried to insinuate that Ghose’s tweet was trying to bring in religion without any need to. One user at X/Twitter wrote @ShineHamesha “There were 2002 workers digging but she specially named 7 of her choice. Guess why.”

Another commented “We all know what you’re trying do it here. You guys are unreal. Shame on you.”

User @FunMauji wrote “You found one positive news for yourself in the entire rescue operation which is related to a particular religion. Shame on you for congratulating workers by identifying their religion.”

One user @ramesh_bindroo tweeted “This division and appeasement politics is in your blood, and you have not spared this occasion also, shame on such type of mentality.”

Another user @iammnmanju wrote “This lady is searching for caste in the rescue team and blaming political class for creating division,what a hypocrite.”

However, Ghose seeing the comments on her tweet, added another post saying how those people needed to “introspect”.

She wrote “Dear haters & bigots on my timeline , when it comes to terror attacks, you are quick to name and shame an entire community of people. But when it comes to a herculean and extraordinary rescue by “rock” star miners, their names become unmentionable?

Must introspect! 3 big cheers and salaams to rat hole miners Feroz and Munna Quraishi, Rashid ,Irshad ,Naseem ,Monu, Naseer Ankur, Jatin ,Saurabh, Waqeel Hasan and Devender(sic).”

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Sources: Free Press Journal, Hindustan Times, NDTV

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