Does your idea of a perfect weekend involve listening to poetry, or singing along with a guitar strumming indie artist or just listening to stories same like the old days while stretching across a garden?

Then Mehram Festival, by Happy Globe, would be a perfect place to head this weekend.

While talking about a topic as evocative as poetry, it’s impossible not to think about Mehram. It is a festival that celebrates the different elements of art, culture, poetry and, music and offers the most scrumptious food stalls and the finest line up of performances, all put together under one roof.

Mehram is trying to bring the beauty of poetry, art, and literature to life again with the help of some of the most vibrant voices, poets, lyricists, and musicians to move you.  

Mehram is going to be held at Hotel Holiday Inn, City Centre, Jaipur, on 17 February 2019, located in the heart of Pink City. The event will feature more than 15 performers – Poets, Storytellers, Songwriters and Musicians from across the country.

There are performances by some of the famous spoken words artists who went viral over the internet. Artist line-up includes these amazing artists:

BIKRAM BUMRAH – Hailing from Punjab his Punjabi/Urdu poetry is inspired by poets from both sides of the border. Though he has been writing poetry for 8 years, he started his journey in performance poetry 2 years ago.

Since he started his journey, he has been featured by various media houses and has performed at various college and literature festivals.

Went viral with his beautiful piece “Jaam” with over more than 1 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined.

NAVEEN CHOUREY – A traveler of many roads at once. From technology to the theatre, screen to stage, poetry to performance, he has marked his presence everywhere.

Since his Debut on poetic stage with RadioCity Freedom in 2015, he captured the imagination with his unique style of Dramatic Poetic Storytelling.

MOHIT RUDRA SHARMA- Mohit Rudra Sharma is a writer and a poet who has been fighting his depression by the wielded pen in his hand. He writes to retain his sanity and the wounds inflicted by”Mohit” and “Rudra” on each other are the verses that he recites.

DR. BHAVYA SONI- Dr. Bhavya Soni, a Management Professor, Scholar, Mentor, Researcher, Entrepreneur but above all, a Writer and Poet by heart.

Dr. Bhavya Soni has been a very famous name when it comes to not just poetry or storytelling, but with any kind of things related to literature.

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