IGNUS is the Socio-Cultural-Technical festival of IIT Jodhpur, the biggest extravaganza this side of the Thar. And in the fantasy landscape of colours that is Jodhpur, in a format that is bigger, more extravagant, more lively and plain better than ever, it promises to be an absolute riot.

Beneath the walls of Mehrangarh, and within the walls of IIT Jodhpur’s humongous campus, it is set to be a dream come true.

Be it emerging technocrats or budding artistic souls, hidden talents itching to showcase themselves, or plain old fun-seekers, IGNUS 2019 has something to offer to everyone.

IGNUS 2019 will be held across a period of 3 days from 21st to 24th February 2019 and promises exciting events and competitions.

With a heady mixture of cultural competitions, themselves competing for attention against technical challenges and workshops, all in a backdrop of the dry desert sand, pushed back by the frontiers of civilization.

Let it be the nerd, the geek or the jock in you, there is enough going on to keep alive the zeal in all of them, throughout the days of the fest.

Be it the soulful melodies of musical events, or the intellectual intricacies of literature, the creative cadence of fine arts, or even the constantly changing challenges of technology, IGNUS 2019 boasts of a event list that includes a lot of excitement for everyone, from the diplomatic detours of MUN to the spontaneous spurts of fun that are the Informals.

And then, there are the creme-de-la-creme of IGNUS, the tantalizing Fashion Show, and the beats of Nrityansh the heated Clash of Band, accompanying the charged atmosphere of the Pronites.

To compare and contrast, it takes you out for a whole smorgasbord of experiences, from the loftiest stages of erudition to the street battles in front of the Hoi Polloi, leaving you wrung out and thoroughly satisfied at the end of the day.

The cherry on the top, of course, is the jaw-dropping celebrity attendance in the event, with past years having stood witness to unforgettable performances by popular celebrities Mika Singh, Vishal Dadhlani, Gajendra Verma, Nakash Aziz as well as appearances by the reigning Miss India over the years.

And with the bar being raised every year, you can expect a much more thrilling and glitzy experience for the latest edition, a star-studded and glittering show, in a brand new, bigger and better format.

So join the IGNUS team by the City of the Sun, and take back memories and a lot of goodies from the various competitions and challenges.

Feed your curiosity in the workshops, a lot of fun at the numerous casual and fun events and imprint in your mind the dazzling  performances by teams and institutes from all over India. Experience an all around great time with all at IGNUS’19.

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