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The Jaguar F-Type: A Refined Monster


There are some serious perks that come with writing a car blog. One such perk is getting to drive some of the best vehicles on the planet. This week, we were lucky enough to have some of our friends get behind the wheel of the brand new Jaguar F-Type. A phenomenal driving force, and a beautiful car; but, what did they think?

They picked up the F-Type from the kind folks at, before putting it through its paces. So, how did it fare on the road, and would they recommend it? Let’s run through all the salient points, and find out for certain.


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First of all, let’s take a look at the F-Type’s peers. The Jaguar sits squarely in the executive roadster category. Pulling up alongside it are the BMW Z4, the Merc SLK, and the Porsche Boxster. You might also throw the Maserati Gran Turismo in the mix. In our minds, the BMW is a little overpriced, though it’s undoubtedly a great vehicle. The SLK is an executive model and packed full of tech. But, it does lack that sparkle and excitement you expect from a roadster. That leaves the F-Type’s toughest competitor, the Porsche Boxster. For us, they’re matched pound for pound. If we’re forced to choose, we would take the F-Type for its beefier design.


Right, petrolheads, this is what you came here for. What are the stats and figures under the bonnet? Well, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the choice of either the V6 or the V8 engine. At the top of the V6 range, you’ll get a jaw-breaking 375 bhp, and boy do you feel it. This is the version we took for a spin, but there is an upgrade available. By choosing the F-Type R, you’ll get a V8, and unlock a monstrous 535 bhp.

Handling and drivability

We know the Jaguar has power. The stats speak for themselves, and we know Jaguar’s reputation for engine quality. But, the real test is whether it can handle that brute force. After all, power is nothing if you can’t control it. Luckily, the steering, suspension, and downforce work in beautiful harmony. The car grips the corners, and hangs on no matter how hard you throw it into a curve. It’s typically a rear-wheel drive car, which is more than adequate. You can upgrade to a four-wheel drive which gives you even more grip and stability.


Engine size and power aside, this is still a Jag. And Jaguar know how to create a luxurious, executive car. Inside the cabin, the F-Type is luxurious, and trimmed to perfection. It’s comfortable too; we covered a 150 mile journey without so much as a bump. The infotainment system is top of the range, as you’d expect from the high-tech team at Jaguar Land Rover.


Of course, there’s always an achilles heel, and the F-Type’s is practicality. But, frankly, if you’re buying an F-Type for its boot space, you’ve got your priorities all wrong. There is very little storage, and it’s strictly a two seater.

All in all, the F-Type is at the very top of its game. With only the Porsche Boxster snapping at its heels, it outshines its competitors.


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