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J LaBron Anderson Aka Man of God Develops Covid-19 Fighting Fashion Line For Funding Free Coding Program Of Inner-City Youth


It took a while for humans to acknowledge fellow humans as equal given the biological segregation that has been put down by God themselves. Issues like feminism, racial equality and many more surfaced as citizens became intelligent enough to recognize human rights and question the basis of morality. But how far have we come? Though these movements have stimulated the very idea, it would take us many more years to bridge the gap. In this movement of uncertainties, people have initiated numerous measures that would assure upliftment of such communities who have been prone to centuries of discrimination.

One such personality who is determined to contribute towards a better future for his community is J LaBron Anderson. 

J LaBron Anderson aka Man of God is an Atlanta, Ga based serial entrepreneur and Gospel artist, who has vowed to help bridge the wealth gap for people of color. He founded the 501©️3 Nonprofit organization Beyond Kings Community Development Corporation in 2019 to bring inner-city youth programs that liberate the mind as well as provide skills to prepare them for the age of technology. 

The question that led him to instigate change was “They provide these programs in the classrooms of public and private schools in other communities, why not ours?” Anderson stated during our sit down. Digital pioneers such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg started coding as young as the age of 9. With companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple hiring coders without requiring degrees Anderson sees this program as a pillar for less fortunate families to give their children a chance to compete in the underserved tech industry. 

When Anderson is not working as a sales Director for Atlanta based Tech company Franpos, he is pastoring, performing, marketing his music and Tec Fashion line the Beyond Kings Collections, which is a Super Suit treated with antimicrobial agent ProTechs to fight against Covid-19. Proceeds from each sale go to fund his coding program as well as the company accepting tax-deductible donation on their website.

Today, the obligatory step that would help tackle this problem is to formulate a solution and mutually understand the circumstances. People such as J LeBron have selflessly acted upon the issue and have inspired many by their deeds. 501©️3 has helped many over the years and aims to aid many more.

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